chevy 350 coolant leak intake manifold. 7L CPI Vortec engines had a horrible problem with the plastic intake manifold gaskets cracking around the coolant . 4L) One of the most common problems on the GM 3. I was looking for info on intake manifolds and ran across this report that coolant can leak from intake manifold either externally or . Also, you can't find any external leak. It may leak and allow the coolant to enter the intake port, the crank case, or it can drip down the side of engine on the outside. My '92 Chevy engine (C-1500 truck) is leaking antifreeze near the intake manifold. The gasket failed on the valley side. GM has been used in plastic for their intake manifold gaskets, it has been a big problem. Speedmaster 1-147-001 LowRise Intake Manifold. Install the lower intake manifold to the engine. Problems include coolant leak, coolant odor, milky colored oil, milky or whitish substance on either the dipstick or oil fill cap. Many vehicles had intake gaskets go bad, leaking the antifreeze . The location of the sensor varies depending on what year, make and model of vehicle you are working on. For an intake, I'm using an Edelbrock 2116. It is rare that it leaks into the intake valley-but it is possible. This will allow you to see the back side of the intake manifold. As for the little metel spacers. If the design was front water port only the heads & gasket would be LH / RH only. I've noticed a coolant leak, making a puddle . I'm looking at buying a 2002 with the intake manifold gasket leak and bad cats. 7 truck? I have disconnected all wiring, vacum hoses, AC compressor and lines, distributor/wires. C3 General - Coolant on intake manifold - 74 350, coolant is pooling Do not want a coolant leak into manifold, but if this is just . When check my SBC 350 after driving home from work I find a small pool of antifreeze on the intake manifold near the water neck. Your intake manifold contains pistons that move the air fuel mixture and coolant around the engine block by way of valves. I had a coolant leak coming from the #2 cylinder side of the intake manifold. I notice antifreeze on the top of the intake manifold. Trying to complete a cam swap and ran into a major coolant leak after putting it all back together. I though these people were trustworthy. The most common causes of a vacuum leak are a cracked vacuum hose or a leaking intake manifold gasket. How does the intake manifold affect your engine. K hi,my intake manifold was leaking coolant. Oil in Intake Manifold: The Reasons and Consequences. Our 99 K2500 was leaking very slowly and it was the Intake Manifold Gasket. I'm finding to small puddles of antifreeze on/around the second set of bolts on the front of the intake. This happens only after the motor cools down. 72 Super Sport 350 4spd # matching. Generally a really bad intake manifold gasket will make a car run rough When the gaskets go bad, and coolant starts leaking your engine . It is the successor, in a way, to the Gen I LT1 350, although this engine was only produced from 1970-1972. 2L EcoTec3 V8 produced from 2014 to the present. The dreaded COOLANT leak!!! mbecke2. Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 2, 2012 (Edited) I have two small block intake manifold bolts that I cant get to stop leaking oil. Sits in a '56 Willy's Jeep CJ-5. The 4 bolts on each end of the manifold are this way. Devils own training ground,,, aka Arizona. Designed for 283-400-cubic-inch engines using Vortec cylinder heads P/N 12558060, P/N 19300956, P/N 19300955, P/N 19331470, or P/N 19331472. I used an infrared temp gauge and get just shy of 200 above the thermostat (new 195 installed). I'm using the Vortec-specific ARP intake bolts, and torqued to 144in-lbs. Even though the engine only has 23k miles on it and drive from NJ to CA and back last summer, the gasket still failed. There's a second way in which intake manifolds can leak. Has anyone changed the intake manifold gasket on the 1997 Chevy 2500 350 5. kept resealing valve covers and dist come to find out it was the casting plugs in center of intake leaking. 1) would be the best, bolth work well. in other words, do any of the intake manifold bolts go into water $350 on a REMAN (according to Summit's customer service) GM unit. If your engine is overheating, check these below ways to identify. The shop says the intake manifold gasket needs replacing as coolant was leaking & some was getting into the oil. Well I let the car sit starting the vette here and there and took car in to get the tran pump seal replaced and was told I had a intake manifold leak. I’ve done some research as far as swapping the distributor so I think I have that covered, but I’m curious about any tips or tricks you can suggest for sealing the intake manifold to the heads. ACDelco 55570283 intake manifold. Some say it's oil leaks causing deposits on the valves (valve stem seals or valve guide clearances) others say lean conditions, and some coolant leaks. 1988 - 1998 (GMT400) - Coolant leak 1991 Silverado, 350 v8, looks like intake manifold gasket - I have a pretty nice (still) 1991 Silverado . I would check to see if you have either a vaccum leak or leaky intake gasket, also check your O2 sensors, they can make the computer go up and down on the fuel fixture. Buddy thought it was an intake manifold gasket so, he bought one to have me do it. But when looking around, i don't see anything coming from the water pump. Since 1938, Edelbrock has manufactured its core products in the USA for quality & performance. Would this be a bad intake manifold gasket, or head gasket? I'm guessing it's just the manifold gasket. I've been recently working on a project left off by my dad on an 81 chevy k20, and i've been trying to sort out what on earth happened to the brand new small black 350 crate motor with an aluminum intake that he put in it. I may not be a GT350 Member but I . Intake manifold bolt into the water jacket. Any one else run into this problem? MarkKoch, Dec 4, 2010. 93-02 General - 3800 - Intake manifold gasket causing coolant leak? - I have a 1998 3800 V6. Loosing coolant, thought it was boil off or leak, but no proper symptoms. Coolant Leaking From Intake Gaskets (GM 4. The evidence of the coolant leak is in the valley between the passenger side valve cover and the intake manifold (dried coolant; . is this a head gasket leak? it doesnt appear to be but coolant couldnt be coming from the intake gasket could it?. I did some research on line and saw that a leaky intake manifold gasket is a VERY common problem in these engines. If your model is from these years, you are already at a good start. I would verify it's not leaking from the back of the manifold where the intake, block and heads all join, sometimes the head gasket needs a dab of silicone back there to fill the small gap at the top of the head gasket, or the area mentioned above. Speedmaster, Dual Plane Intake Manifold, Chev 350 Vortec Mid. Saw a leak on the backside of the intake manifold. I had the engine out and the intake off this spring, I sealed the intake bolts with liquid teflon thread sealant as I always have. if you have use of a hoist,it is handy because heater cores can leak and the water can run down in a remote location and fool you into thinking it is somewhere else. Repairing L98 Tuned Port Intake. I never worry about a touque wrench on the intake bolt's. But on the dmax it's perfectly fine to run dexcool. I wanted to paint the Edelbrock manifold Chevy Orange anyway. The Tuned Port intake was a vast change from the previous induction systems offered for Corvette. A friend of mine used to work in a radiator shop and he showed me where the stop leak goes after it stops the leak. Intake Manifold Gaskets Leaking On The 3. If it does blow smoke, it is maybe time for a crate 383 stoker motor. What will quite often happen is that the intake gasket will begin leaking in the rear corner and the coolant will follow the mating surface of the cylinder block. 1-liter engine has a notorious weakness, a failure mode that GM will not cover after the warranty expires. This problem has been a gold mine for GM and the auto repair industry. Since it isn't smoking, get to a skilled mechanic fast. Bad head gasket symptoms · White smoke coming from the tailpipe · BUBBLING IN THE RADIATOR AND COOLANT RESERVOIR · unexplained coolant loss with no leaks · Milky . The intake manifold gaskets seals air and coolant in the engine. Radiator, and hoses are all dry. Bought new Fel-Pro gaskets and got the manifold back in last. A vacuum leak can be caused by a bad vacuum hose, intake manifold gasket, and other vacuum powered accessories. Intake gasket question for Small Block Chevy's. Replaced intake manifold now Major coolant leak into engine. Install the lower intake manifold bolts. IMO the best silicone on the planet (aside from the silicone Miss January is sporting around that is ) for intake end seals is "The Right Stuff". Leaking coolant from a cracked intake manifold gasket is an extremely common problem on most GM vehicles made from the late 90s to the mid-2000s. 8L 2005, Rubber Intake Manifold Gasket Set by Dorman®. The intake manifold gaskets sit where the air intake system connects to each side of the engine. I have a 1996 Chevy silverado vortech 350 5. 4L V6 engines is coolant leaking from the intake manifold gaskets. Appears coolant is leaking under the passenger side near the back of the engine (toward dash). I just had to replace my intake manifold gasket due to coolant leaking from the back corner. In some cases, an internal coolant leak may occur causing coolant to mix with the engine oil. I can definitely see coolant on the harness right by the crank pulley. Although GM has been aware of this problem ‘since man learned to walk upright and harnessed the power. The coolant is entering the motor at about 180 degrees. after so many heatups and cool downs they crack and warp. And i see some drops on the transmission cooler lines. You need to be a diligent detective. All cars, except for the electric vehicles, have an internal combustion engine. Most experts agree that the problem stems from GM's "DexCool" coolant, which reacts with the intake manifold gasket, causing it to leak coolant. 7L LT1 350 was released in 1991. If your intake manifold is leaking coolant, these are the signs you need to be on the lookout for and what you can do to get it fixed. I pitched the rail gaskets that came with the set and. The 4 bolts in the middle of the manifold are not blind and go into the lifter valley area, and can leak oil if the threads are not sealed. Apply a 5 mm (3/16 in) bead of RTV to the front and the rear of the block. My guess is that your intake gasket is not sealing where the head and manifold meet and the leaking water's easy way out is the through the bolt hole. So I just installed my engine and got it fired up in my 63. This video goes through the complete diagnosis and repair of a faulty intake manifold gasket on a Chevrolet 350 engine. Hi all I have a '93 Fleetwood Brougham with the Chevy 350 5. Before you leave dry everything and spot check along the way untill you see the origination spot. i checked my oil and found that it was a light creamy colour. The internal coolant leaked causing coolant to mix with the engine oil. Pulled the engine bay cover to replace the plugs and saw a ton of oil leaking down below the distributor. Aluminum high-rise design maximizes horsepower and delivers a broad torque curve. Intake Manifold Gasket Set - 192. while pulling plugs 1 cylinder leaked out heaps of coolant. My 350 was bored and shaved, runs an edlebrock intake, Doug herbert 454#lift cam and pushes cruising RPM of 3500 on a regular basis. It means that the car moves forward due to a series of small explosions inside the combustion chambers. This is a 305 engine, which, at least from my research, seems to leak less from the intake manifold gasket than the 350. After a lot of distributor issues I fired the motor back up today. Coolant leak, Intake or head gasket? (350 Chevy). The suspect leak areas are the intake manifold, water pump and the heater. I am replacing the intake manifold gasket at a cost of $721. Do a pressure or leak down check on it and listen to see where it is coming from and go from there. If the intake manifold gasket does not make a tight seal around the coolant ports, it may leak coolant into the crankcase. We drained the oil which was full of coolant, We decided to leave the oil. Apparently, the nylon-filled plastic used in the carrier is being attacked by the coolant, causing it to soften and deform. There is also a Gen III LT1 which is a 6. Coolant Leaking From Intake Gaskets (GM 3. To seal you have two options, 1)drain coolant, remove studs, clean and dry holes and seal with #2 permatex or pipe thread sealer. It's not particularly easy to get to the intake manifold to address an intake manifold leak, so you could be looking at paying anywhere from $250 to $500 in labor costs. Vortec 5700 leaking coolant. Judging by where you circled, it's either leaking from the gasket or the pipe plug. I had the came problem with my 350 ('96 Ext. This is just my opinion but I do not use stop leak. It's heavier than normal RTV and makes a perfect end seal. If you're reading this article, you've probably already experienced and repaired this issue (at least once), or are in the process of repairing it or will be soon enough! Chevrolet Vehicles: Astro 4. What are the Symptoms of Intake Manifold Failure? · Difference in air-to-fuel ratio resulting in backfires and rough idlingF · Milky-looking engine oil · Coolant . I changed the thermostat and gasket which it did need anyway as the truck runs a. On all other vehicles I've had that was normally indicative of the water pump. You should use a special 5/8" heater core inlet hose that has a metal tube end to be inserted into the QD fitting. t appears to be the intake manifold gasket. I've never had intake end seal leak when I've used it. Assault Racing Products PC2007 intake manifold. Been off road and used for towing. Edelbrock's Patented Dual-plane, low-rise design with a 180-degree firing order greatly improves torque over a wide rpm range for excellent throttle response from off-idle through 5500rpm. I was just wondering if you have to remove the assembly holding the power steering pump on and its also what the AC compressor bolts up too in order to remove the intake. Hello to all; I'm still getting coolant in the oil, despite new heads and gaskets. Unfortunately, when they go to search down the engine coolant leak, they usually find no signs of such a leak. It is an Edelbrock performer intake. the water port on the head gasket blew and was running into the oil port. What is the torque specs on a chevy 350 intake manifold? In the GM 350-cubic-inch engine, the intake manifold bolts to the cylinder head with 33 foot-pounds of torque. Seal around all coolant passages. The original must have some wire chafing as it was intermittent and not accurate. The leak appears to come from the area between the intake manifold and the head, perhaps the gasket has failed (it is difficult to see this area clearly). 7L engines is coolant leaking from the intake manifold gaskets. The best way at home to get a look at this area is with a small inspection mirror. The Performer intake manifolds are ideal for. I have worked on several TBI 350's,and occasionally they will leak anti-freeze out the intake-but usually it leaks externally down the front of the block and on the ground. Cant keep that coolant in there too long, change it every year. Coolant Leaking From Intake Gaskets (GM 4. Our technicians tell us that operating the engine with a coolant/oil mix can result in internal engine damage. i found 4 bolts were very loose so tighten them back down. Additionally, it conducts coolant through to the cylinders in order to reduce the temperature of the engine. Check the Dashboard: If your car engine is overheating, at first you will notice on your dashboard. The intake manifold gaskets are the most likely cause of your antifreeze leaking and engine oil getting low. This is because the intake manifold gasket is . hi,my intake manifold was leaking coolant. The aftermarket has a new and improved gasket to solve the problem. It relied on a simple premise: Increasing the. Ive had valve cover leaks, pan leaks, and rear seal leaks, but no intake leaks in the last 2 years since building it. it all ends up in the heater core because this is a low flow area designed to trap heat. Knowing what is causing the coolant to leak from your exhaust manifold can help save you time and money. In some cases, an internal coolant leak may occur, causing the coolant to mix with the engine oil. If you are getting a leak with no pressure then you . Auto-Trend Repairs and Service Information Forums-> General Motors-> 3800 V6 3. The coolant sensor will be near off the intake manifold to get. Intake Manifold, Vortec Head Design. At least after a hot day when I park the car in the garage I can hear water drops hitting a very hot surface. The GM intake gaskets went in dry & I used a bead of black RTV on the front and rear of the block. A coolant leak will eventually lead to engine overheating when the coolant level. '94 350 TBI the front corner, passenger side of intake manifold is weeping coolant. Performer Intake Manifold for 1955. Yes the holes are open to the water jacket. To make sure your intake gasket replacement doesn't come back with a coolant leak in the near or long term, there's another very important consideration to keep in mind and it's that you need to torque the intake manifold bolts with a torque wrench. If it fails to seal tightly around the intake ports, it may allow vacuum leaks that upset the air/fuel mixture and cause idle and driveability issues. 350 chevy intake manifold 1994 chevy k1500 check engine. It's possible that the intake manifold is leaking at the back if the manifold wasn't installed properly, but usually coolant leaking at the rear of a Chevy small block is because one of the freeze plugs has failed. ok manifold leaks gave manifold 2 stars as i had an oil leak that was hard to find oil would be all over manifold and blown on back of engine and firewall. its really common, the gaskets are plastic with rubber seals. My truck was steaming after a small trip and I opend the hood to take a look. A big part of the cooling troubles with the 400 engines is due to the siamese cylinder design they have, as well as the very large bore size. The 99+ trucks have a dry intake, so the coolant couldn't be going through there. Even if it sounds like an easy job to find a vacuum leak it can sometimes be time-consuming. 2000 Chevy express 1500 350 intake manifold leak. Chevy 350's are famous for this. To start with this product, do keep in mind that this Speedmaster 1-147-001 LowRise Intake Manifold is mainly designed for your Small Block Chevy 350 manufactured from 1957 up to 1995. This is on the left-hand side where the intake manifold bolts to the head (there's coolant on the manifold). JEGS Intake Manifold Gaskets are constructed from high-quality materials to provide strength and an ultimate seal, ensuring leak-free performance for your manifold. The input manifold gaskets fail when coolant is leaking, the engine overheats, or the engine misfires or has reduced performance. An intake manifold gasket seals the cylinder heads and the . If the leak is in a coolant seal , you may start noticing loss of coolant and distinct puddles of coolant beneath the car after it's been sitting in one place for a few minutes. Apply sealer, to the lower intake manifold bolts. Chevy 350 Engine Vacuum Hose Diagram - Wiring Diagrams Chevy 350 Coolant Flow Diagram - General Wiring Diagram. Shut her off, looked under the truck and there's a small puddle on the ground passenger side towards the rear of the engine. The intake manifold has a two piece design, an upper and a lower. Chevy 350 coolant leak intake manifold Chevy 350 coolant leak intake manifold. If the intake manifold suffers from an internal crack or a problem near the intake manifold gasket, the coolant can start to leak out in the engine bay. I had a 87 with a 350 that I had to do twice. I have a coolant leak on the back of my 5. 7 miles:150,056 I noticed my heater wasnt blowing hot so I new I had a water leak I checked all of the hoses and they werent leakin so I was looking under the hood and in the middle of the manifold and the valve cover I seen water coming out and I was wondering if it was a intake manifold gasket or what?. Coolant leaking out the front left side of 350 engine on 1994 chevy p/u. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. It could come from hoses, thermostate housing, around intake manifold bolts. Start A New Topic Reply Post Info. 400 small block Chevy engines are known for being hard to cool compared to the 350 and smaller engines. You have the TH700R4 auto if it has OD. This is on the left-hand side where the intake manifold . Try re-torquing all the intake bolts for better clamping force, but don't exceed 25-30 ft/lbs. Thats why almost every 96-99 vortec 305/350/454 has had its intake manifold gaskets replaced. Re: Oddball Coolant Leak Chevy 350. A leak in this part will could lead to more expensive repairs down the . Location #1 in the picture below is on the passenger side front of the engine. No gunk was on the oil cap or dipstick and it doesn't look like there is a gasket leak (yet). Well, I say its possible that it could . So assuming the intake gaskets were the issue, I bought new Edelbrock gaskets, hi-temp RTV, cleaned the heads and mating surface of intake really good. I did have some experience with a non turkey tray gasket set from Mondello years ago on a 455. K KenO Joined Oct 29, 2007 Messages 1,697 Location Auburn, GA Oct 26, 2013 #5 Lower intake manifold gaskets. Intake gasket coolant leak. An intake manifold directs the mixture of air and fuel to the right cylinder to be combusted so it can power the engine. I siliconed properly and let dry overnight. If the manifold casting # is C8OE-C yes I can use it if not , scrap value is a few pennies a pound LOL. How do I - Answered by a verified Chevy . If it's leaking down the back of the engine it could be the intake manifold, head gasket, heater hose connection, heater hose or rusted freeze plugs. Now I am thinking it is the rear seal of intake manifold. Started leaking badly out of the rear of the intake manifold. View large pictures below of common coolant leak areas on the GM 3100 and 3400 V6 engine. The bolt however can leak coolant from the gasket area up through the bolt hole. Its a TBI motor and I was wondering what if any more severe problems might arise from driving the car thsi way for a short time. Intake gaskets are available in a standard gasket sealing surface or our performance gasket which includes a POZISEAL bead around critical areas for additional sealing protection. It doesn't appear to be leaking coolant into the. When the engine heats up it the pats heat and expand at different speeds any weak spot in cooling conections will show up. Intake manifold gasket leak? '95 Chevy G20 Van (5. Truck was loosing coolant and it looks like there is an external leak on the front of the intake manifold, but one of the plugs is colored red and I think it is leaking internally also. In some models of car, the intake manifold has a double use as a conduit for coolant fluid. I was told there was a lot of corrision from letting car sit and was also told to drive the car the change the oil. Oil has been sitting for 4 years as well. Lo and behold, I'm leaking coolant. Where is the temperature sensor on a Chevy 350?. have a coolant leak on top of engine between head and intake on the front passenger side of a 2002 chevy s10 v6 - Chevrolet Cars & Trucks . Also sometimes it will just leak at the intake to block seal. Stop leak in my day, you put a piece of cardboard over the radiator Ive seen more junk, leaky intake manifolds than I care to remember. We took the intake manifold back off noticed the passenger side gasket slide somehow, so we took off the gaskets scraped all the rtv off and resealed it really good, let the sealant set-up for abt an hour. The Big Al said: The direct answer to the question! So the head & gasket can be used on eather side of the engine. Also, you can’t find any external leak. Finally got the dreaded intake gasket leak. It’s not particularly easy to get to the intake manifold to address an intake manifold leak, so you could be looking at paying anywhere from $250 to $500 in labor costs. The LT1 was the predecessor to […]. Has 4-bolts per side to attach it to these cylinder heads. Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 17, 2013. Curing coolant leaks on tuned port L98 intakes. Cobra ASV Supporter Posts: 1750 Joined: Sat Jun 16, 2007 9:31 pm Location: Toronto, Ontario Been thanked: 1 time 1 time. I had a small coolant leak a the intake manifold and added some stop leak and it's been fine ever since (over a year ago). We plan to add an aluminum intake manifold to the 350 small block Chevy in my 1972 Chevy C-10 pickup. They now tell me it is the manifold gasket. It can also leak from the throttle body gasket or in rare cases, a cracked intake manifold. I also note the temp seems to rise, sometimes 20 degrees. 8 GM Series II Intake Manifold coolant leak causing hydro lock. Seems the thick silicone/RTV bead may be failing. So, having any type of intake manifold leaks, can spell trouble for your engine. Replacing the intake manifold gasket should correct these leaks. Upgrading the Cooling System for a Small Block Chevy. It causes to overheat the engine. 7L CPI Vortec engines had a horrible problem with the plastic intake manifold gaskets cracking around the coolant passages. My 1997 Silverado (350 Vortec) has a coolant leak from the rear area of the left head (driver side). 7L/350 Chevy small block Gen I Intake Manifold Gaskets and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing!. 2) remove the studs one by one and wrap the studs with thread tape and screw them back in. Sealer won't help that; a new gasket is what's needed. The lower intake manifold gasket fails and leaks coolant into the engine oil. GM has had a problem with their intake manifold gaskets on many V8 and V-6 engines. When the intake manifold gaskets have an issue . Apart from sealing engine vacuum, certain intake manifold designs, will also seal engine coolant. I let her idle, gave it some revs and the temp gradually shoots up 213*. My 2014 LT has developed a coolant leak where the outlet connector attaches to the engine. Unknown mileage, could be 70 or 80k. i had to change 'em out on 2 of the service trucks where i work,(1990and 1999). My 1979 Eldorado Olds 350 EFI with factory Aluminum intake started leaking some coolant the end of the season last year. Intake manifold gaskets, are responsible for sealing the intake manifold, against the cylinder head(s). I've sourced a cast iron EFI Seville intake and I'm starting to order parts. There seems to be varying information on this subject. Common signs include the engine constantly overheating, coolant leaking, engine misfires, and a decrease in power, acceleration, and fuel . It is commonly found threaded into the engine block, thermostat housing, cylinder head or upper intake manifold. 7L 350), 98k Just bought this van with 98k miles. Edelbrock part #2101 Performer intake manifold is designed for street 1955-86 small-block Chevys. 2 Comparison of Top 10 Intake Manifold for Chevy 350 & Ford. Coolant has been mixing with the oil, no doubt, as the oil looks almost like a milkshake; really bad. I have pulled these bolts out and applied rtv but the problem is still there. Been told intake manifold gasket and also water pump gasket, though no confirmation on second. they both had a small leak and they both broke off in the intake . Started leaking badly out of the rear of . 65; The car is under an extended warranty, so that's the only reason why I am hesitant to try to tackle this myself. How to Repair a Leaking or Cracked Intake Manifold. I was almost to the point of driving it for the first time since I bought it 3 years ago. If you have a pool of coolant under your car after a night in the garage, it is definitely time to check for any signs of leaks around the intake manifold. In fact some people ending up doing this twice because it is hard to seal back there. One of the most common problems on the GM Vortec 'Spider' 4. For the explosions to take place, a proper amount of fuel and air mixture has to be in those cylinders. Appears coolant is leaking under the passenger side near the back of . The intake manifold gasket seals the intake manifold to the cylinder heads. A guide for consumers having problems with their GM intake manifold gaskets or coolant leaks in 3. Just keep it serviced,add an aux cooler if your towing,and dont tow in OD with heavy. That bolt doesn't go into the water. When the intake manifold gasket starts to leak, or the intake manifold itself develops a crack because of an accident, overheating, or a manufacturing defect then coolant can begin to leak out. a severe coolant leak that. After 60,000 to 70,000 miles, many of these carrier style intake manifold gaskets develop coolant leaks that can cause an engine to overheat or even fail if enough coolant gets into the crankcase. Discussion Starter · #12 · Nov 19, 2009. when you do it, don't get oem ones, I did ones last week and they were metal with the rubber seals. I would check the valve stem seals and see what they look like. 350 motor intake manifold leak?. With this in mind, I decided to upgrade not. The GMT400s were still produced this year with the 5. I had the same problem with coolant in my oil too. Re: 350 chevy coolant leak head gasket or intake. Pulled the spark plugs on my 97 Chevy truck (Vortec 350) and found a possible intake manifold gasket leak. That could bring the total cost for intake manifold gasket replacement up above the $600 mark. Edelbrock 2701 Performer Intake Manifold. Intake Manifold Gasket Leaking. I appreciate all of the suggestions. The remedy was to replace the intake manifold gaskets and use an RTV called . Sometimes coolant will not leak in the intake manifold gasket, directly go to the intake manifold. 18; Intake Manifold Bolt Set - 50. This AM clean up all the coolant, drop car back down, topped off radiator – down about . I'm guessing it's the coolant dripping from the front of the head gasket on passanger side. Can anyone tell me if a 2000 Chevy express 1500 350 intake manifold leak is common? I was just told I needed a water pump. Back in 1984–1998 General Motors produced a antifreeze that dissolved the silicone gaskets. All was fine for about 450 miles and then two of the bolts started. You are watching: How to replace intake manifold gasket chevy 350 Step 1: Jack increase the car. All intake manifold bolts should have the threads treated with Teflon thread sealant. 3 Our 10 Picks of the best intake manifold. A pressure tester would be your best way to pinpoint the leak. I noticed I was still leaking antifreeze. The intake manifold gasket may develop and external engine oil or coolant leak. See our Intake manifolds - 350 320 318 Chevy Ford Marine Victor Aluminum. A head gasket seals an engine as well as the pathways of oil and coolant within the engine. I had the dealership replace the manifold gasket the first time at about 40,000 miles before it got to the point of leaking coolant into the oil. I took pains building my engine but unfortunately I have leaks at the back of the intake. The fitting on the rear of the intake manifold is a "quick-disconnect" fitting. '91 Suburban K-2500 4x4 350 cid. is it possible for coolant to leak into cylinder from a bad intake gasket. Same thing with head gaskets on the 3. The 1989 Chevrolet 350 cubic inch engine coolant sensor is located on the front of the engine. The intake manifold gasket may develop an external engine oil or coolant leak. Tightening The Lower Intake Manifold Bolts With A Torque Wrench. Upgrading the Cooling System for a Small Block Chevy. It looks like the leak is either from a bad seal between the water neck and the manifold, or from the bottom side of the upper hose where it fits over the water neck. Furthermore, where is the oil pressure sensor on a Chevy 350?. The intake manifold is attached to the top of the engine by the intake manifold gasket, which has to be monitored as. A dealer actually discovered the leak during my complaint of a possible bad spider (it wasn't) and said it's not worth fixing the leak and to consider an engine replacement. Fortunately, it leaked outside. the TBI intake has a huge coolant reservoir in the bottom that will spill into the crankcase when you pull the intake. There are a lot of different parts that can cause a vacuum. I'm getting a very slow coolant leak from the front of the engine. 38 Totals: Price if I Pickup the parts - $ 796. I have had a coolant leak problem for a little while now. He also said that operating the engine with a coolant/oil mix can result in internal engine damage. i have a coolant leak on the rear of the engine at the top near the intake manifold on the drivers side. Extend the bead 13 mm (1/2 in) up each cylinder head to seal and retain the gaskets. I just put a new intake manifold on and i have coolant leaking from some of the bolts. 7liter engine,and its just been diagnosed with a leaking intake manifold gasket and leaking injector seals. Find the coolant temperature sensor. I thoguht i had a bad intake gasket but it turned out to be a head gasket. Well, I say its possible that it could be a small head gasket leak. Replacing the intake manifold gasket should correct these. Rebuilt in about 1980, by a competent professional mechanic. It also could be coming from the back of the intake manifold. The temp at the old sensor between #1 and #3 is about 220 degrees. If you have a slow coolant leak that can't explained check the intake manifold gasket for leaks. Engine overheating is another symptom of a possible issue with the intake manifold gaskets. 34; Price if HE Picks up the parts - $ 905. About 6 months ago, I joined the club of replaced . You need to put a pressure tester on it to see where the leak really is. It seems to pool on the intake manifold near the thermostat housing and eventually run to the back of the engine and drip on the ground off the starter area. '75 350 w/ four-bolt main bearing caps. Not sure where the leak is coming from, but it drips down and leaks from under the engine and its definitely coolant. If the intake leak is very bad, it can fill up the cylinder with coolant, which will make your engine hydrolock, which will make it . The lower manifold to block is the problematic gasket. cleaned very well and epoxied both plugs to stop leak.