google sites portfolio examples. David Lanham artist website design example. 20+ Best Portfolio Website Examples for Inspiration (Upd. Watch a video on how to set up Google sites as an e-portfolio · e-portfolio example using Google sites . Introduces the perspective of a student in their first co-op placement at CTE (Ginny Wong) Workplace Environment. Each portfolio shows an example of a different layout, and their contents vary slightly to give you an idea of what to potentially include. 4) The University of Lethbridge ePortfolio Examples The University of Lethbridge is a Canadian institution that offers teacher training. We have received written permission from the students to share their ePortfolios with you. A portfolio website is the most common digital portfolio type. This new interface is more intuitive, modern, with new themes and better interoperability with other Google products. If your design portfolio is extensive, it might be useful to opt for a smaller grid in your website design. I researched to find out the top 5 best portfolio design examples of well-renowned architects. Online portfolio is a demand for professionals. Add Image Carousels - new Google Sites. Claudia ten Hoope’s portfolio is a prime example of keeping things slick and straightforward, with a focus on the job. See how to create a Google Site from. Learn more about Google tools in Google from A to Z: The Google Glossary for Teachers. In this lesson, you'll create a digital portfolio in Google Sites. Web design skills are not necessary with the great user interfaces and design templates available. In this lesson, you’ll create a digital portfolio in Google Sites. The e-portfolio is thus hosted on Google web . Instead, ask them to build a website! Note: there is a NEW version of Google sites that is currently in development. website: http://sherocksatcollege. We believe that showing your own artistic portfolio as a presentation is super original and cool. Raised in Flint, Michigan, she then moved to Chicago where she focused. However, r our task is to create a Professional Portfolio starting from a "teaching template" designed by Caleb Clark. Here are examples from my 1st year of student portfolios in the OLD Google Sites: Alice's Physics Portfolio Sarah's Physics Portfolio Gweneth's Physics Portfolio The new version of Google Sites stores the site within Google Drive. This is why website portfolios, or other sites in which content is the number one focus, are some of the most popular and valuable projects. How to Build Your Writer's Portfolio on Google Sites for Free. ECFS e-portfolio Google Sites and Google Drive are housed by the UW. Examples are just for a clear idea, not to copy. 7+ FREE PORTFOLIO Templates - Download Now Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe InDesign (INDD & IDML), Apple (MAC) Pages, Microsoft. Students can join the class with your class code. A digital teaching portfolio can be a super versatile and handy tool when you’re looking for a teaching job. 28 Examples of Google Sites Websites · 1. Maxine Boggio's Professional Teaching Portfolio The Veteran College Student's Portfolio Kaitlin Craig's ePortfolio Step 1: Getting Started 1) Go to sites. The templates have a preselected theme, populated pages, and a wide array of prepositioned spaces for text, images, and layou. Enter "UTSA Music Education" in the search box at the top of the page and then click the magnifying glass icon to search. It is like an interactive resumé but with more room to showcase your talent, skills, and experience. documents, videos, sound files, images and links to other websites or online resources. Building a Google writing portfolio is… Visit https://sites. Google Sites is a great option for. com is one of the better Google Sites examples of what you can create with 2. Diogo Correia: students portfolio example. (Sarah Seabrook) First Co-op Experience. Clarissa Rodriguez teacher portfolio example. Examples of Google Sites ePortfolios: Maxine Boggio’s Professional Teaching Portfolio The Veteran College Student’s Portfolio Kaitlin Craig’s ePortfolio Step 1: Getting Started 1) Go to sites. net Google Certified Teacher Twitter: @johnrivera. That means it can be accessed easily like any other GSuite file. Student also uses external HTML code or widgets to be able to give the website a enhance. Students: Create a Google Sites Announcements page type, to use as a reflective journal (blog). Step 2: Choose the Best Google Sites Template for You. We found some solid writer websites to share, each with a unique focus and design. She was tired of trying to build a google site and wasn't getting anywhere fast with her evidence gathering for proficiency. Create a Digital Teaching Portfolio for Free Using Google Sites. Example portfolio websites? : learnprogramming. Leo Kee Chye is quite an interesting portfolio website belonging to Leo Kee Chye. Some options to try are Jimdo, Weebly, Wix, or Google Sites. Step 4: Use free or paid templates to help your site stand out. The 4 most common digital portfolio formats. Create a personal e-portfolio of their work. It covers the mentioned languages except Ruby. The client ID and secret can then be used to configure all. For example, if the kids were looking for the My 5 Senses activity, they would see the Google Slides icon on their checklist, match it to the Insert menu ans select it. Tip: As you browse through examples of Googlios, make a list or a mind map of what others have included and ways they have organized their e-portfolio that you might try. If you need an example to look for — here's mine. Kat was the second ever customer to join Edufolios back in 2017. Creating an Interactive Portfolio with Google Sites (Helen C. Google Sites offers an interface enabling students to create comprehensive and varied collections of multimedia materials to craft a narrative . Of course, if you do have web development skills and/or coding knowledge, you’ll have no problem making the right portfolio for you. Visit these useful and free genealogy research sites. Step 2: Open the Google Sites Support Page. For the '19-'20 #hcspdl digital portfolio roll out for Horry County Schools students, we wanted to encourage creativity. Teachers can easily create a website through Weebly or Google Sites. Feel free to share this with others, please give credit back to this site and the Google sites you use/copy. All NAF students must create and update their Google site. Google Sites is very user-friendly, and with their drag and drop features, even our youngest students can create their own e-portfolio. If you want more help on using a website for your portfolio, consider a class in creating a website resume. This e-portfolio is built on Google Sites, a free service for building websites from Google. You are 'good to go' and can start adding pages and artefacts . A portfolio should be simple— weird scrolling mechanics might be unique but they can also frustrate and alienate users. Student portfolio examples and samples. They can also create links to other artifacts of learning such as audio recordings, ThingLinks, etc. You'll use built-in tools to design and build an online portfolio. Its portfolio is a superb example of Brutalist web design with plenty of neat touches. Notice how Lynn-Marie makes the text of the buttons clearly explain where they will go when chosen. Best Google Sites Portfolio Examples · 1. Secondary School Portfolios: Northridge Academy High School Senior Portfolio. Meaning, you could either make them editors like you, commenters, or merely viewers. However, Google Sites comes with several ready-made templates. Here's a great example of a Church website build with Google Sites. Coroflot is one of the biggest creative portfolio sites on the net with more than. Do you recommend google sites as a good place to create an online portfolio? Reply. Jose Benitez - copywriter portfolio example. Google Sites is an excellent place to create an online portfolio because it's free, and it gives you a great number of resources to use. Note — If finding a free website builder is important, you might also want to try Weebly. Barbara Burke, Associate Professor, Communication, Media & Rhetoric. Tauba Auerbach – really interesting artist website design. Many teachers use Google Sites to create classroom websites . With the pandemic hitting hard, most of the businesses and other operations have shifted on-line. 25 Latest and Best Interactive Website Examples for Your. Studio 081: Always State Your Value Proposition. The pages will show in the top menu bar for easy navigation. But there may be times when that isn’t the best solution. Avox Architects (avoxarchitects. Filip Rzepka Made With Google Sites Filmmaker based out of the Czech Republic. Explains the importance of social interaction and the. 4) The University of Lethbridge ePortfolio Examples. In this week's education technology tutorial, Sam Kary of The New EdTech Classroom shows you how to create. Click on the picture below to check out an example of the finished product: 2213976. You can create your site from scratch. The online portfolio, also known as eportfolio, e-portfolio, webfolio, etc. In addition to the videos on this page, you may log in to nyu. To get the ball rolling, you must have a Gmail account. For example, if you know that you want your portfolio site to use a minimal design, then try searching for "best minimal portfolios" or "minimal portfolio examples. Uses the new Google Sites button-maker to create intuitive navigation through the site. It's incredibly easy to find information about what they believe, how to find them, and even to contact them. Combines all life-experiences into one collection. com/ Diogo chose to present his portfolio design in the form of a roadmap — a brief history of his achievements. The site perfectly reflects the studio's explorative and experimental attitude, and it backs up the studio's claim to offer "design for bold brands. Blue Ridge Virtual Governor's School (BRVGS) examples of Senior Projects. Step 3: Add layouts, text, and images. So, what did it take to create an example portfolio site with Google's tool? It starts with a Google Account, which is quick and easy to . England When creating a new Google Site, there are new templates available to use. Quickly and simply build a personalized website to showcase your creative work with Adobe Portfolio. Here are some of our favorite Google Site examples. com) Jivrus is yet another example of a site that’s made quite well while using. Points-to-Ponder When Creating Your Portfolio: Be sure to illustrate self-reflection and growth in your chosen pieces. From showcasing art pieces to emerging startups to building your portfolio, there are so many ways that Google Sites can be used to create an impactful online . If you want to expand I would recommend going to . 1) Teacher Portfolio Website Template – Google Sites. com/site/helenbarrettportfolio/. Google unveiled long-needed updates to Sites in 2016, making the platform even more user-friendly. Preview Site Monay Taylor Theme used: Obsidian. Benji Shaw – copywriter website example. Here are five digital teaching portfolio examples, each with a different style of teaching portfolio template. Stock Portfolio & Watchlist. Teacher example design - drag and drop, uploading images, moving elements, etc. Google Sites SEO is a digital marketing strategy used to make your Google Sites website more visible to search engine users. Ryan Minnick (BRVGS) Kathy Schrock's blog. Ready to get started? Start your free account. This resource helped me out a lot with the intro and somewhat the intermediate in my programming classes. Content “proves” your talent and skills to an employer/audience. There's even a job board where you can post your portfolio make it more likely to be seen by recruiters. Google Sites for Portfolios and Project. On every page Lynn-Marie provides an option of returning to the table of contents to make another choice. You will create a new site and add. com 2) Enter your Montclair email address without. Step 6: Let others view or edit your website. Creating an Interactive Portfolio with Google Sites Using examples from my Google Sites portfolio developed by Helen C. The micro interactions and hover effects, which are to be found in almost every corner of this website, provide a very interesting and immersive user experience. If you're looking for quality sites with lower cost or even free images, get started with these quality Shutterstock alternatives. Shantell Martin artist website example. This template is a spin-off of my original Class Website Template for Google Sites. That means that students can link their projects in Google Slides and/or Google Docs, and it. These templates are integrated with all the premium features of the Google tools and thus help the users to design a perfect website without the help of an expert. You could write a few examples, create a video, or share pictures. Please follow these steps to copy your UW Google Site and UW Google Drive into your personal account and/or storage device. These include Economics, Chutzpah, Fiction Factory, History, Philosophy, Sociology and Other. Portfolio Site Examples To close out this post, I want to highlight a few of my favorite portfolio sites. 11 Essentials for Excellent Digital Portfolios on Edutopia Google Sites. Improving your site with SEO can boost the ranking of your website on search engine results pages, and a higher ranking is correlated with more search traffic. That doesn’t mean Google Sites is completely useless though – if you need a free builder to create a quick, simple site for an event, a professional portfolio, or a different kind of small-scale project, it can be a solid option. When she found us in 2017, she was so relieved when we built her site for her and she could get straight onto reflecting. How to craft a free portfolio on Google sites. Activities Teaching materials Lesson plan Includes learning objectives, example outcomes, guidance for instructors, and more. Step 5: Click "Publish" when you're done. Ling's graphic design portfolio is a great example of a web design that focuses on promoting the designer's most recent work. 10 Tools to Create Online Student Portfolios. Give this template a try and ready your brush pens! Like. If you are having a hard time in making this document, you can refer to the samples available in this post so you can have more idea on how to create a professional career portfolio with ease. To see examples and helpful information for developing your e-portfolio, see: http://sites. Morton Park Hall What stands out about Morton Park Hall's website is how clear the navigation is. 2) Rockin’ Teaching Portfolio Editable Template. Even if you know what you should include in your portfolio, it's helpful to see how other people have done it. You will add Google files created in G Suite applications, such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Forms to your portfolio. Professional Portfolio Examples and The Pros and Cons of Each. The gallery is divided into three main categories: Education, Personal, and Work. 10 Think about a project or assignment for your classroom as you look at these two examples 11 Another Example 12 13. Barrett's Google Sites portfolio: https://sites. Get started with Google Sites and see some examples!. This site is a great example of how you can go way beyond a standard website layout when making an art portfolio, in order to put your creativity and important visual elements in the forefront. Though putting one together might seem like a huge. " Create a first post that describes the purpose for developing this portfolio. Students can see these lessons and start working. And inserting new text or files is a simple process. , "IAS Portfolio Doe, Jane MCS") in the Site Document name field at the top of the page and press the Enter key. This is another clear example of a brand/professional who uses Elementor to build a website that positions their brand as being fully at one and clear with their value proposition. Ling K is another portfolio site that you can draw inspiration from. Helen Barrett's Professional Portfolio. You can pick from a number of themes where colors, fonts, and images have already been optimized for you. Elna Cain's writer website is bold, partly because she blatantly tells you she's the freelance writer your business or project needs. In fact, here are some of the best websites where you can make a portfolio for the wonderful price of free: Coroflot. Generally speaking, professionals, agencies, freelancers and artists require a creative medium to display their work. Jennifer Locke copywriting portfolio. Oded Alony is an interior architect and owner of a design studio that specializes in interior design, in a wide range of projects, in both the private and public sectors. It’s full of big names and a “metric shit-ton” (his words) of examples of his writing. From the high-quality image background to the clean CTAs, this Google Site showcases many of the platform's best features that you can bring to life on your own site. I personally believe this is the most important part of your digital portfolio, so make sure to really think about what you include. All changes save in real time, similarly to Google Docs. Enabling the Google Drive portfolio. Sign in to your hufsd google account. This template can be copied and used to outline your portfolio if you would like to use google sites. Even though the content can stay on the UW systems for now, it is important that you keep full control over your e-portfolio for long-term use. To simplify the search, just access the search filter field and type the writing you are looking for. 15 Best Google Sites Examples for Ideas & Inspiration in 2022. This web design portfolio by Sean Halpin is a great example of showing your skills and style within the portfolio itself. His experience and skills are displayed expertly by embedding videos, images, and scroll effects in a single page. Davina Van Buren: copywriter portfolio website. These digital portfolios help students reflect on their . If you’re specialized in lettering, it’s just like a collection of blank canvas for you to showcase your work. I use it from Grades 5** up and it ties in nicely with developing digital citizenship skills, for example protecting personal information. On it's website you will find some excellent examples of ePortfolios. It’s a great way to showcase your work, is easy to update and keep organized, and can be accessed through any device. What it’s about: Just because a portfolio site needs to be well designed doesn’t mean it needs to be extravagant. Unlike some standard online portfolio sites that tend to display a designer’s work in a mechanical way, this website puts the visitor in a cool room with modern furniture and decoration. Create a Beautiful Website with Free Google Sites Templates in 2022. The people featured are a diverse bunch of writers, designers, developers, and filmmakers, but all have sites that do an excellent job of showing off their work to potential clients or employers. Jose Benitez – copywriter portfolio example. com 2) Enter your Montclair email address without mail, e. Creating An Electronic Portfolio Using Google Sites. Since Google Sites is one of the core G-Suite for Education tools, it integrates with Google Slides and Google Docs. User Guide · Help Desk · Workshop. Call the page "Journal" or "Blog. Jivrus Technologies is a web company, which focuses on the development of software solutions 2. It’s worth taking a look at them as they serve as good starting points for getting your site up quickly. Ornamentation is not necessary. ePortfolio Tools & Resources. Organizes her portfolio navigation around her Ed Tech Master's Degree performances. Collaborate and share ideas with other students for group work and peer tutoring. The intuitive card designs showcase different design work. If you're specialized in lettering, it's just like a collection of blank canvas for you to showcase your work. I hope it serves you as much as it served me! 1. Great portfolio websites get out of the way. You can get some inspiration for yours and also learn from them. Google G Suite Sites - Learning portfolio - Example learning journal site . Primary Blogger examples from Pt. Examines the skills developed and benefits of returning to CTE over three work terms. Let's look at each of these steps in more detail. Useful Online Portfolio Examples for Students, Teachers, and. • Maxine Boggio's Professional Teaching Portfolio. Google Sites template layouts match their stated purpose well, like this Project layout. By creating a sample template site, you will discover possible . Begins her portfolio with a detailed table of contents. Google Sites Examples, and Who This Platform Will Suit Best 1. Google Sites is a free web application for creating websites. So, all UX designers - juniors and seniors alike - need a UX portfolio. 14 UX designer portfolio examples. About: Google offers sites as a free service for the creation of a simple website. The Jirvus Technologies website is overflowing with gems that will inspire your website design. Google just added a new feature for Google Sites. Whatever option you choose, we strongly encourage you to curate a digital portfolio during your time to degree. • Assemble, present, and share information online for documenting academic growth, career Google Drive is a container for all your audio, video and documents. quality of work to the e-portfolio classroom, or several examples of work that . Wix provides more functionality than Weebly, such as animated buttons and transitions. The ones with most unique looks have made the most of Google Sites by using their own photography and typography. You’ll use built-in tools to design and build an online portfolio. The next portfolio is everything you’d expect from the kreator of the kopywriting kourse. Benji Shaw - copywriter website example. Check out this sample Google Sites portfolio created. Nowadays, a portfolio typically appears in the form of a web page or series of web pages. A portfolio website can cover a lot of bases. Use these portfolio examples as inspiration, and we've got a strong suspicion you'll feel more than ready to start creating. In the Insert images dialogue box use the Add image button (looks like a plus + and when you hold your mouse over it becomes a plus in a circle ⊕ ). Educators use Google Sites and WordPress as eportfolios. We are on the process of moving from a hard binder to digital portfolios in Prek and K . That’s why we’re bringing you 23 copywriting portfolio examples today that we hand-selected from hundreds that we looked through. edu and password 3) Click Sign in 4) Click Create and selectin new Sites 2. Monay is a fashion designer and seamstress in NYC. One way to make a remarkable impression is jazzing up your website and online profiles. You can always add a new page with subpages for the capstone eportfolio or other topics. Creating and Editing in Google Sites – Screenshot. Clemson University Google Site - Clemson University ePortfolio web page Secondary School Portfolios: Northridge Academy High School Senior Portfolio Blue Ridge Virtual Governor's School (BRVGS). Learning ePortfolios — These portfolios are typically created by a student as part of a course as a way to demonstrate learning and the learning . Stella & Dot: Underneath are 20 elegant and some of the best jewelry website design examples which you can use for inspiration when designing a jewelry website: 1. Looks like the portfolio websites and github are already covered so I will throw this out there. She was tired of trying to build a google site and wasn’t getting anywhere fast with her evidence gathering for proficiency. Learn 6 steps for making an electronic portfolio for students using Google Sites. This download is for a teacher ePortfolio website template on the Google Sites platform. There are two main subtypes of portfolio websites:. As a freelancer though, Claudia's aim is immediately clear—finding clients. If you want to make a portfolio but don't know where to start, perhaps you should take a look at these student portfolio examples in various formats: PDFs, websites, Google Sites, and magazines. The first page we reach on this graphic design portfolio example is a simple expression of her. 101 Examples of Google Sites Websites (For Educators) This Google Sites gallery is a collection of 100+ Google Sites created by teachers from all levels and subject areas. Creating a Google Sites Electronic Portfolio Page 10 of 10 grade levels and activities, games, teaching analyses, program notes, sample programs that you have written, arrangements you have made for different. The NEW Google Sites was created to make it even easier to create and share websites. As a freelancer though, Claudia’s aim is immediately clear—finding clients. (And when it scrolls, you notice the really low framerate easily). Google Sites are great for teacher websites, student projects, and e-portfolios. Demo - Google Sites design tutorial. Helen Barrett’s Professional Portfolio • Maxine Boggio’s Professional Teaching Portfolio • The Veteran College Student’s Portfolio. Watch: Introduction to Build a Portfolio with Google Sites - a video lesson from Applied Digital Skills that is free of charge. Start adding some examples of your work. Here is an example of a digital portfolio using Blub. Online student portfolios are a great way to showcase student work and show growth over time. Clarissa Rodriguez teacher portfolio example Nasos Papadopoulos Anna Ellenberg Charlie Waite Peg Fitzpatrick personal brand portfolio example Geraldine DeRuiter Lindsay Ratowsky Aja Frost marketers portfolio example Jon Miron Stefanie Grieser Jun Lu Desiree Adaway John Green portfolio example Tasha Meys Steel Kiwi Theis Bothmann. Recommended for: simple learning portfolios with graphics and text. Create a full working sample for students to see Overall, I am quite pleased with using digital portfolios. Rebecca Miller – artist online portfolio example. NOTE: All of the student examples were created by students who earned scholarships based on the work and effort demonstrated in their ePortfolios. Anyway the site looks good maybe a contact page will be something to think of in the future. As I become more accustomed to . See more ideas about google sites, google education, portfolio design. Check out Paul's classroom website for great examples of how his students are creating digital portfolios. Here is a tutorial describing how to use Google Docs, Blogger and Google sites in . New templates have been released for Google Sites. Seven best Google Sites alternatives. Google Sites is also a good choice if you want something that’s free and has a decent level of flexibility. So, all UX designers – juniors and seniors alike – need a UX portfolio. He’s a London-based creative writer, editor & translator that has a modern and elegant portfolio design. See Name your ePortfolio for more information. Examples of Google Sites ePortfolios: • Dr. Let's check out these 14 UX portfolios to help you create your own design in a way that captures the spirit of your work, as well as a sense of who you are. And there are a variety of sections, showcasing different design works, songs, blogs, etc, all placed casually around the room, like the other decorations. Simple Way to Build a Good Site Portfolio. is a great way to communicate why you're the teacher for the classroom. For general assistance with Google Sites, email [email protected] What kind of access you offer these collaborators lies within your hands. The link to the Google Site is in the captions. Note: In order to use either the Google Drive or Picasa portfolios (also the Google Drive or Picasa repositories) an administrator must register their Moodle site with Google, as described in Google OAuth 2. EGZ8Jb" jscontroller="ThIs3" jsshadow class="XzbSje m586Kb JGNgFd VLrnY eO2Zfd " aria-labelledby="_ypbgzc_i1 _Eq2Xzc_i2" data. A sample website made with Google Sites . Freddie Braun’s website is one of this collection’s writer’s portfolio examples. It’s a fun form of a resume that would definitely help with the job search. Although the New Sites is still missing a comment feature, in June of 2018, the option to convert the Old Sites to the New Sites format became available. A portfolio is a great place to show your abilities in action, especially in web-based industries like design and development. You can either work on your projects individually or create virtual workspaces with different collaborators. ePortfolio Examples Collected here are some ePortfolios completed by graduates of the University of Delaware's Educational Technology Master's program. The Education options of Class, Club, and. For example, if the kids were looking for the My 5 Senses activity, they would see the Google Slides icon on their checklist, match it to the . Werkstatt Wundersite is a great example of this. It should include your unique selling point with an appealing design. It's an easy way to create a website for a classroom, extracurricular activity, or portfolio. 9+ Google Sites Examples – Templates For Inspiration & Ideas. An amazing example of one of the best portfolio websites out there! 25. What it's about: Just because a portfolio site needs to be well designed doesn't mean it needs to be extravagant. 25 Copywriting Portfolio Examples + What to Include & How. Make time in your schedule to build a portfolio during the course of a school year. Joe DeSalvo copywriter portfolio. For example, if it is developmental, you can collect work to highlight achievements and milestones in your personal and / or learning development. Google Sites is an excellent place to create an online portfolio because it’s free, and it gives you a great number of resources to use. All files are stored in Google Drive. It’s unique in the sort of design options that it uses, and the layout is interactive and rather fun to use, too. So good to hear about your experiece with google sites. You can embed Google Drive files (documents, drawings, folders, forms, images, presentations, spreadsheets, and videos) into your e-portfolio site. Let’s take a look at what makes each portfolio stand out. Yul Moreau takes inspiration from the 80s in creating his portfolio website, and it’s a great examples of using visuals to increase user engagement. " You can also broaden your search to "best portfolios" to see a wider variety of sites that you can draw inspiration from. Selecting from among the best Google Sites alternatives is more about matching your specific. If you need an example to look for — here’s mine. For example, you might be having an interview or meeting in a place with no Wi-Fi and where mobile internet is choppy or non-existent. Mike's Student Portfolio Examples Student Example 1 Student Example 2 Student Example 3 Student Example 4 Student Example 5 Podcast Question of the Week How can you use student portfolios to demonstrate student learning and growth over time? Post your answers in the Shake Up Learning community or on your favorite social platform. Now included free with any Creative Cloud subscription. the site by your course name (Advanced Computer Graphics, for example). Just be sure that you aren't including students' pictures (unless you have express permission from the students, guardians, and your current school. Helen Barrett's Professional Portfolio • Katherine's portfolio • Maxine Boggio's Professional Teaching Portfolio. Your portfolio must be unique and different from that of others. Google Sites is the platform to be used for the Certificate in Some good examples can be found on the Purdue Online Writing Lab website . In this week's education technology tutorial, Sam Kary of The New EdTech Classroom shows . His work is characterized by an affection for purity, the use of honest materials, and a strong sense of detail. 10+ Professional Career Portfolio Examples in PSD. Claudia ten Hoope's portfolio is a prime example of keeping things slick and straightforward, with a focus on the job. You can also upload files from Drive, if needed. Google sites as student portfolios Jennifer Fenton. Recommended templates: “Blank Template” then . Paulin is obviously passionate about mathematics and knows a lot. Google sites can be used for a myriad of purposes. Google Sites Digital Portfolio Rubric Mastered (x4) Completed (x3) Developing (x2) Beginning (x1) Tool use (x3) The student uses tools found in Google Sites well and understands the different tools available in Google Sites by showing use of those tools. Track your portfolio and watchlist with real-time market quotes, up-to-date financial news, and analytics to support trading and investment. Beware portfolios that are too unusual. Online portfolios are often framed as a collection of pet projects or topics of interest. 0 setup, and obtain a client ID and secret. Learn how to set up e-portfolios in Google Sites. See more ideas about google sites, portfolio design, google education. The homepage is direct, unfussy. Instead whitespace should frame and showcase the photography, videos, illustrations etc. Similar to graphic design portfolios, with the photography portfolio websites, you want to make sure to put your best work upfront. Best Google Sites Portfolio Examples 1. Digital portfolios can revolutionize the teaching and learning process. Use quick Google search tips for more productive results. The first thing I noticed? This portfolio is in a Google Document. Studio 081 is a boutique web and graphic design based in Montenegro. Barrett, 2008) Google Apps for Education Google Sites Web Resources - EdTech Hacker (John Lenhardt, 2010-2012) Googlios (G. Available on instant download, the template is easy to use and can be customized to match your own company. For the Site template launch, Google released nine templates in 16 languages. Mar 4, 2017 - Explore Wendy Holzem Bauer's board "Google sites", followed by 238 people on Pinterest. To access the ePortfolio site created for you, click under the “Sites” tab of your NYU Gmail account or visit sites. Open the right-hand Insert panel.