jealous x reader tumblr. Yuzuru Hanyu (jealous) x Female reader. However, a moment later, an angry Bakugou sat down between me and the redhead, thus breaking the peace and pleasant atmosphere in the common room. Alex turned to him, “Laf I know you’re one of our best friends, but hurt her, you’re dead to me. See a recent post on Tumblr from @flyinghassassin about yelena belova x reader. HEADCANONS: Kamaboko Squad and Giyuu with a jealous s/o. Originally posted by theimaginariemuse. Reader starts going out with some guy to try and get over Jim, but jim gets jealous and flirts with the reader a lot in front of him. Summary: You are jealous of the fans. You put your hands on his shoulders and stood on your tippy toes to match his height. “I’m sorry Cas, but I can’t tomorrow” You tried to be patient but it was hard with the way your angelic boyfriend was given you that look. The Joker x Reader - Venom The Joker broke into a top secret lab to steal vials with an experimental pathogen and what he found in there was actually Venom. hope u like it <3 also sorry for late posts. Feel free to drop more requests! 💖. @fandomsblogs // I am working on the other one! Time has not been my friend lately lol. May I please get a Jealous 2p England x reader? Thank you further more! (Hello, Anon! Sorry this took so long. I’m so behind on these requests, and my. “You’re not your jolly self today. Note: hey there I’m back I guess. I hope you enjoy! also if you play Mortal Kombat, let me know who you main. You had defeated one of the worst villains that had tried to destroy the world and you sure deserved some time off. ☁️Bakugou is a jealous boy, there’s no way around it. Peering inside, he discovers that all of the furniture has been wrapped up, with some pieces already missing. What Are Some Foods That Begin With the Letter “X”?. Like maybe one of s/o's guy friends is getting a little too friendly with s/o and Ash gets jealous 🤗 …. #dc x reader #dc titans #dcedit #jason todd x reader #dick grayson #x male reader #dc titans x y/n #dc titans x male reader #dc titans x reader #x y/n #jason todd x male reader #gar x male reader #dick grayson x male reader More you might like. pairing : megumi x f!reader [fluff] warnings : n/a wc : 6. WORD COUNT :1593 “Okay, I won’t be home tonight! Bye guys!” you waved and closed the door. I’ve been busy with work and stuff. You weren’t the biggest fan of rabbits. Chris spotted you walking out the restaurant with a guy he had never seen before, which brought him here. Warnings: fluff, slight spice (things get a bit heated here UwU) idk, slight angst, SPOILERS FOR THE KIMETSU MANGA. Sasuke sat on a little stool next to the tub, taking in (Name)’s piercing (eye color) eyes, unfazed. (Her alt’s a purple 77 Chevy Nova. corpse corpse husband corpse x y/n corpse x reader corpse husband x female reader corpse husband x y/n corpse husband x reader corpse social media au corpse husband social media au valkyrae sykkuno. Requested by Anon: I really like your fics <3 can I request a jealous legolas x elf reader? Maybe the reader is really close and protective of Aragorn and Legolas think she like him, but she love Legolas?. A scenario where Tamaki gets really jealous over someone else touching you. Sometimes you would bite to hard and your lip would start bleeding, it stung but it wasn’t that …. But this affection gets more intense. (4) # — pairing: kazuha x gn!reader # — characters: gender neutral reader, kazuha, kokomi, gorou, aether # — summary: “if it comes down to a choice between being unloved and being vulnerable and sensitive and emotional, then you can just keep your love. 5k — He doesn’t know when so don’t ask him. You get to calm him down and even stay the night at the 3rd years dorms, so he stays calm. Castiel X Reader: Not Jealous of You. The smirk on his face doesn’t move, as he continues to chase you, both of you laughing uncontrollably. He was a criminal, a murderer, a highly lethal and notorious executive for the Port Mafia. zuzu🍀 — jealousy, jealousy. You looked up And saw it was the famous Harry Potter who you just walked into. jealous [au!technoblade x reader] summary; while at a party with your over-protective boyfriend, your ex tries to flirt with you. I loved the third season and kept thinking. Originally posted by narutoquotess. Like, he seem the type to care bout. Todoroki smiles and feels very joyous knowing that you’re so happy. Character traits: bubbly, funny, sarcastic,talkative , Extrovert. Jealous- Older!Damian Wayne x Reader (Requested by anon) Damian sat with his girlfriend in the most expensive restaurant in Gotham. Jealous Kokushibou x upper moon! reader? Despite being mysterious and reserve in his own way, to me Kokushibou isn’t too difficult to inflict jealousy in. Request: Hello!I was wondering if maybe you could do a Doctor Strange x reader fic where he gets jealous for some reason or another and it ends kinda smutty. daryl dixon fanfiction daryl dixon twd the walking dead twd fanfics daryl dixon drabbles daryl imagines daryl dixon x reader fanfics writers of tumblr twd …. When they meet up again, things are brought up from the past. Jealousy (Spencer x GN!Reader) Summary: You have a date, Spencer is jealous. suggestive and Jisung sort of fits here I guess… enjoy! “I just ended a four year relationship,” you …. July 26, 2020 Jealous (Clark Kent x Reader) Request: Hello, lovely!How would jealous Superman react to someone hitting on the reader? from @navybrat817. [I’ve been loving reading imagines where your crush is jealous when you hang out with other guys and stuff, so heres one for you guys, it’s probably gonna be kinda long 🌟] Your camping out with a bunch of friends. reader-inserts, x readers, fanfics, imagines, headcanons, all that good stuff. “BATMAN IS NEVER JEALOUS”. Then it hits you like a ton of bricks, your eyes widening almost comically. 2 - Derek Hale x Reader Pairing: Derek x Reader Prompt: Request! – Liam starts getting jealous when Isaac gets more attention than him, soon it …. Hurts to Forget (Bakugou x Reader)*GIF not mine* Summary: After getting into a scuffle with a villain, you get knocked unconscious and retain minor injuries. Bob Morley did get a little jealous of the intimate. Jealousy, jealousy“Bucky Barnes x fem!reader” Summary: Tension arises between Bucky and reader when their friendship reaches a rocky road. Summary: Reader being less affectionate towards him. Kezia, Elizabeth, and Eeffa here, bringing your plot bunnies to life. Bucky Barnes x Reader: Your Pain. He never show this side of himself in front of you. ” ~Anon Hi! Thank you so much for the request! This is my very first Ginny request, and I absolutely loved it! I want to apologize. jealous mammon x reader的推薦與評價,在PINTEREST、YOUTUBE和這樣回答,找jealous mammon x reader在在PINTEREST、YOUTUBE就來汽車維修保養推薦指南,有 網紅們這樣回答. See a recent post on Tumblr from @auraticere about wanda x reader. (Jan 30, 2021) Anonymous said: can i req some hate sex w tobio i mean not could i request a todoroki/kageyama (either one) smut w overstim, oral, You know you would be trying the. Surprised by the action of the face-painted street performer gently pulling her closer to him with his prop, Y/N thought it was just part of his show and debated with herself if she should play along with the act. You could just be standing or lying down and Gojo would rest his head on yours, showering you with hugs and light kisses. Relationship: Jacob x female reader. Who would have thought that he would fall in love? Fall in love with a …. As you scrolled through your phone, slightly leaned over on the couch, your shirt slipped down, …. Request “I can’t keep kissing girls and pretending they’re bloody you!” With Remus or Sirius please Pairing: Sirius Black x reader (Marauder’s era) Warnings: A. Jealousy in friendship (Peter x reader) request: Peter & the reader are close before the call but the reader is asked to prom. Jealous Brian ‘Otis’ Zvonecek x reader Y/N’s POV I was talking with Otis i station 51"So do you have planes after shift today?“ he asked ” No , why?“ i said ” Perfect then we can have movie night" he. Jealousy - A Corpse social media au. A/N: this is a request from my Wattpad story and honestly, I feel Yuzu is secretly a tsundere. He did that as the Winter Soldier so she doesn’t hold it against. summary: someone asks tom for his number, and you get jealous. It was requested by a lovely anon, so I hope you enjoy it and please tell me what you think. - He’s gonna do anything to be sure to have all. Jealous ChrisWord Count: 1122 Warnigs: Little bit of angst A/N: This was requested so I hope you enjoy it. “Jealousy” Tom Hiddleston x reader. Kyle broflovski jealous possessive x reader (black) x token ? Same for stan marsh jealous possessive x reader (black) x token ? as she is new she has more confidence in wendy, nichol, token, ans bebe. Request: Yes by @barikawho @queenofmankind @ahs-imaginefics. Note: This is like my first dc one shot and my first time doing reader inserts so. You were the best female in Hydra. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Title: Jealousy Induced Hickey Attack [ REQUESTED by @no-other-names-availible-blog ]. The two of you weren’t of course although as Charles kindly let you know when. Trying to find a food for every letter of the alphabet? These five foods that begin with the letter "X" will finish your list. Rin is quite a confident guy, but that doesn’t make him immune to jealousy. Stepping down the bus, following Brett, you saw Liam walking over. "why the fuck did you have my phone?!" he snarled. “Hey sorry but my boyfriend broke it out of jealousy… please forgive me. Jealous (Part 1) - Leo x fem!reader request? yes/no “You have no idea how happy i am to find a 2k12 blog! These boys deserve much more love. Ps : For that Cassian x reader and Azriel x reader requests, do not worry they will ready very soon! See more posts like this on Tumblr. Imagine Obi-Wan being jealous of you and Anakin’s closeness “Ugh! Ani! You are going to pay for that!” You charged the blonde …. #chris evans imagine #chris evans x reader #chris evans imagines #steve rogers x reader #steve rogers imagine #steve rogers imagines #Chris Evans #Steve Rogers More you might like. he gaped at you, then growled and snatched his phone back. Absolute love • Tom Riddle x reader. Imagine knowing Jake and him being older than you. Her nimble, cold hand instantly magnetised to her sore nape, rubbing it lightly. as she is new she has more confidence in wendy, nichol, token, ans bebe. A romantic double suicide like Romeo and Juliet!“. Lemon from the story Levi x Reader One Shots and Lemons by jeonjiminiekook (Jeonfyd) with 21622 reads. not posting much but gotta keep the account alive EHEHEHHEHEHEHE enjoy (^U^) You and Artem have been dating for quite awhile now. “Satori,” you trail your fingers up and behind his neck, moving into his hair, “no one but you flirts with me. "Ready to go down?" You asked Dick, grinning wickedly. ) Chloe didn’t even tell you anything before pulling unpredictable moves. Jealous (Newt x Reader) Request: Would you mind doing one where Newt is jealous of someone talking to the reader and he goes over to kinda like “prove” that you’re his? - Anon Enjoy Y/N/N: Your. Local Weeb — Jealousy (Billy Hargrove x Reader). pairing: jealous!tom holland x (clueless) reader summary: your loose shirts and short shorts are very appreciated by tom, not so much when harrison is around though. Make gifs, find your community. Hoodie (tommyinnit x reader) It was a summer evening and you were laying around Tommy’s house. Norman Reedus x Reader | Norman Reedus Smut | 18+ Only | NSFW. 🍓sam🍓 — The one (Steve Rogers x Reader). hazbin hotel jealous alastor x reader的推薦與評價,在PINTEREST、YOUTUBE和這樣回答,找hazbin hotel jealous alastor x reader在在PINTEREST、YOUTUBE就來街頭潮牌網紅社群推薦指南,有 網紅們這樣回答. Jealous (Robb Stark x reader) a request by @harrys-girl-almighty here ya go Word Count:800+ You hissed at the pain in your side. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes was just starting out but, already had a loyal. a/n: anon i am SO sorry this took so long to get out TT i haven’t found a good time to work on this or write in general, i hope you still see this (probably not im so sorry @[email protected]) anyways this got SUPER lengthy literally the longest piece ive written but i enjoyed where it was going and got …. Warnings: Maybe slightly ooc (especially for Kazuha) A/N: Hellooo, it’s been a hot minute, but stop by and request something if u want >. Friday Night (Bucky x Reader) Request: None! I haven’t updated a non-angsty imagine in a while so I figured I would treat you all. Maybe reader is friends with Flash or hangs out with his group of friends and Peter suspects something?? TW: Light swearing, probably ooc. Jealous (Newt x Reader) Request: Would you mind doing one where Newt is jealous of someone talking to the reader and he goes over to kinda like “prove” that you’re his? See more posts like this on Tumblr. Y/n walked into the classroom timidly, gripping the strap of her bag. Request: can I get a jealous Yuzuru imagine where you come to visit him at practice and some other male skater wants to talk with the reader then Zuzu goes full jealousy mode. Plot: Fred likes you but he doesn't know how to ask you out so he takes another girl out to make you jealous. Summary: After everything that went down with Thanos and the blip, Sam is finally back home and he finally sees you again. Sherlock x Reader Requested by megollie12: Do you think you could write an imagine where Sherlock gets jealous of the new guy at work (reader has the same job as Molly) and he shows off by deducting the guy and John teases him for being jealous then Sherlock confessing his feelings at the end and the reader and Sherlock get together??. ≡;- ꒰ °i’m not jealous, you are! ꒱. jealous [au!technoblade x reader] Originally posted by bbblackcats summary; while at a party with your over-protective boyfriend, your ex tries to flirt with you. It was supposed to be a oneshot, but some people requested a part two. Jealousy - Mighty Nein x Reader Original Requested Prompt: I love your writing so much! Could we see jealousy headcanons for the M9, perhaps? (I am especially invested in Caleb and Molly~) Fjord: •. suggestive and Jisung sort of fits here I guess… enjoy! "I just ended a four year relationship," you vaguely smile as you throw your head to. The Bell rang And you ran out of The classroom. Steve x Male!Reader Jealous! Steve Headcanons ☆Now, Steve doesn’t get jealous easily, even if you’re getting lots of attention that’s not from him - the most you’ll get from Steve is him being pouty and looking at you like a sad puppy. Jake Gyllenhaal x Reader / jealousy. There was a time where Steve was extremely jealous of the god of thunder. Pairings: Kuroo x Fem! Reader | Iwaizumi x Fem! Reader. summary: how reader found out about her thigh kink. You were standing in front of the raven haired prince, your face flushed Crimson with anger. When he arrived there, he saw her happily speaking to Thor. Jealous (Drabble) Bucky X Reader, Loki X Reader(Platonic Best Friend!) Masterlist. This page contains dozens of PDF phonics-based mini-books for early readers. Summary: Completely caught up in the strange events at the new Starcourt mall the Reader finds herself once again running around with her brother and his friends trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Jealousy (Jason Todd x Reader) Request: Hi! Can you do a Jason Todd x reader where the reader is training with Dick and Jason gets jealous because Dick …. Ougai browsed through a file he hold and grinned. " You felt Jason's eyes on you from the other side of the room. A/N: Ya’ll don’t know how much self-control it took to not turn the end of this into a total smutfest. Are You Jealous? (Sebastian Stan x Reader) Steggy. (sokka x f!reader) hi i really love your work and i was wondering if you could do a sokka (or zuko cos it could work) that takes place right around when zuko joins the gaang and reader starts spending more time with zuko and sokka gets jealous cos he’s lowkey had feelings for you for a while and his jealousy turns into anger to you but then. A/N : request from @make-a-memory-drink-it-up - prompt n°74 : “You’re mine and I don’t share. The Smell of Jealousy (Omega!Dabi x Alpha!reader) Warnings: slight mention of violence but nothing major If you like my stuff you can buy me a ko-fi here!. 1: This is a Kokichi x Reader blog. Plot: corpse and y/n have been friends for a long time and he introduces her to some of his friends. *Requested* Request: Protective/jealous Richie Tozier x female!reader please? :D. How They React To Someone Checking You Out (with Caspian X) Soft Mornings* First Times* How They React To You Being Jealous. Pairing: Thomas Shelby x Reader. “Because I don’t wanna see you get hurt,” you said. Summary: Y/N and Tom dated back in 2003 when they were in college. Because you think you love her when you should love me. You weren’t very happy when the fight between Steve and Tony happened, you didn’t want to choose a side. “you visit finn on the set of stranger things and your a year older than him and hit it off with joe and finn gets jealous :))))” Summary: Finnie gets jealous and fears he may be losing you when you get too close to his castmate. thank you for being my first request!! i hope you like it! requests are open, please read the faq/rules before requesting! legend has it that oikawa sprinted to your classroom to apologise and ask. Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader (no “Y/N”). You ducked and did a shoulder roll to evade his attack, leaving him with empty momentum. Steve gets a little worried and immediately reassures you that you’re the only one for him, and that he wouldn’t have anyone else but you. I write anything Matt x Reader, and this is a smut free and hopefully a trigger free blog. Deku X Reader Jealous Education! education degrees, courses structure, . Toad and Blob were probably hogging the swing sets from the younger kids, Tabitha might not have actually even. domestic nat's wife — natasha x reader masterlist. “Just friends” [Jealous Newt X Reader] Request: Hey dude, can I request a jealous Newt x reader fic where he’s really jealous of how reader is being flirted with at work but is oblivious to it & Newt eventually comes in & saves her by snogging her or something & that’s how they get together idk A/N: Thanks to the lovely anon who requested. Jealous! Pietro Maximoff x Reader It was a typical day at the park for the Brotherhood. I was wondering if you can make a Tom Riddle imagine, where the reader is mute, and Tom finds himself falling completely in love with her. Loki had set off to Asgard to charge up his sceptre and took Tom with him, to show to Odin and the others. You had worked for Hydra your whole life, until now. Summary: Diluc is working during his7 members in the TrioOfSomething community. #bucky barnes fanfiction #bucky barnes #bucky x reader #marvel #sebastian stan #sebby #jealous!bucky #flirty!reader #james bucky barnes More you might like. Ginny thinks she’s jealous because of the boys after her but she’s really jealous that they get Ginny. She glanced around and slips into her seat quietly before getting immediately greeted by a tall student wearing glasses. ) -Sally McKenna x Reader -Thanks @helloblackwidow14 for the prompt! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx “Look. She is also a part of the Avengers. They are already in relationship , but Antonio get a innocent childish crush on reader an wanna spend time with r. She dipped low enough so only her slightly glaring eyes were showing. #michael myers x reader #my writing #Michael Myers #michael myers fanfiction #michael myers oneshot #love for slashers #slasher x reader #slashers x reader #slasher fanfic. “She has a visitor?” Morgan asked in Emily and JJ’s direction. How I managed to take a one sentence request and turn it into an almost 3k word fic, I’ll never know lmao. He was always the charismatic leader in your eyes. Weasley's Wizard Wheezes was just starting out but, already had a loyal. Oswald Cobblepot x Reader: Oswald Gets Jealous (angst) Oswald limps up the stairs to your apartment, and in his hands he holds a small box with a bow. You know, you can’t really generalize and say all. Character (s): Luisa Madrigal x Fem!Reader. Ooo how about a jealous!wanda x reader. He growled and loose his grip, before he bent to the shoe and turned to you. But if you want me to tag anything tell me. Only this time her boyfriend, Billy Hargrove, is nowhere to be found. Pairings: Eggsy Unwin x Reader Notes: Now taking requests! I need some more prompts for this darling! I’ll post guidelines later. Prompt: Can you do a Jasper Hale x reader where you show off somehow and a boy notices you, and he gets really jealous?Lots of fluff please, Thank u!! (requested) Word Count: 704 A/N: thanks to the anon that requested this, I hope you like it!Also, my requests with Jasper are blowing up lately, not that I’m complaining tho. ” Your mentor Rachel said as she helped you train before she left for her mission. jealous over s/o’s friends …with a s/o that’s close with shalnark …with a little sister figure in the troupe …with a s/o that’s feeling depressed …with a s/o that can conjure fire nobunaga; cuddle headcanons jealous over s/o’s …. Request: scenario for deku who has a huge crush on an oblivious female reader who likes them back?? they’re both pining really hard and bakugou gets tired of it so he intervenes and starts flirting with the reader. I look in it’s direction to see a beautiful brown-haired girl in jeans, a shirt and jacket look my way. (heey, could you write a Fred Weasley imagine where the reader is a Ravenclaw student and she is a year younger than him and she’s smart and shy but really likes him and he only realizes he likes her back when he get jealous of her with some other boy) “I need to ask you something really. Pairing: Carol Danvers x Reader. Search: Jealous X Reader Tumblr. Ash x Fem!Reader - Fluff, Blurb. Request: Do you guys take requests? If so can you write a Diego hargreeves x reader in season 2 where the reader isn't in the academy but is family friends w/ them and gets sucked into the 1960s and she sees Lila and Diego together so the reader flirts w/ Luther to make Diego jealous. Opening up her eyes, revealing her (E/C) orbs, (Y/N) sat up, her neck feeling stiff. based off of the request: Hey! If you’re accepting requests, would you mind doing one where Peter thinks. A life made miserable by the Joestar family, an entire lineage of your members tossed aside and left behind in poverty. but, of course, it goes over your head. I lean towards character x reader, but depending on which character x character you aim for I may or may not write for them. A/n: this oneshot is for the wonderful @lucio-the-beautiful-goat who mentioned this idea to me when we were talking one day. She has met Bucky before when he shot her in the stomach, nearly died and left a huge scar. A/N: my first headcannon! i’m open to doing headcannons/reactions now… so if you want to request Pairing(s): Bill Denbrough, Stanley Uris, Richie Tozier, Eddie Kaspbrak, Mike Hanlon, Ben Hanscom, Beverly Marsh x Reader Bill Denbrough. I stop humming, but not the wiping of the small plates. Jealousy - Katsuki Bakugou x Reader I was sitting in the living room with Kirishima and we were talking about various crap after tiring training. dinner time jealousy - eren jeager x reader. (Gambit x Reader) Jealously A/N- Okay I did a bit of research because I don’t know much about Gambit except in the cartoon. Jealous (Jisung x reader) a/n : sort of a god-goddess au. Posted on: 19th Dec | With: 755 notes | Reblog |. Authors note: These two requests are similar, so I decided to merge them together. Slightly Jealous Kara Danvers x Fem!Reader Request: Can u do pls a jealous Kara Danvers with a female reader?? ——————————— You casually walk into the DEO after another successful mission. Celi — scaramouche x reader. When They Get Protective Of You (link to Part 2) Falling Asleep On Them. Jealous (Clark Kent x Reader) Request: Hello, lovely! How would jealous Superman react to someone hitting on the reader? from @navybrat817 Word Count: roughly 900. Jealous Midoriya Headcanons. Lightly tugging on the strands, you draw him down and brush your nose against his softly, teasing him while he. GIF IS NOT MINE! List of Fandoms Requests are. #anakin skywalker x reader #star wars #anakin #anakin skywalker imagine #star wars x reader #obiwan #obiwan kenobi #padme xreader #padme amidala #obiwan x reader #anakin skywalker. Warnings: this is trash i’m sorry lmaoo, unfair fight bc superman. Jealous Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader Summary: Bucky’s been spending lots of time with Natasha (Prompt 12: Just leave if you think you can do better!) Requested: No The fight had been the worst we. Requested by Anon: I really like your fics <3 can I request a jealous legolas x elf reader? Maybe the reader is really close and protective of Aragorn and Legolas think she like him, but she love Legolas? Please. " You laugh as you open the door for her. Dazai spoke proudly with his deep voice. a request by @harrys-girl-almighty here ya go Word Count:800+ You hissed at the pain in your side. She nodded slowly taking in his words, once (Y/N) opened her eyes, they were. His students are a different story. He constantly gives you attention, hugs, and kisses – his favourite ones are on the lips when he hangs upside down. So many feels! Thank you soooo much for the request!! I’m sorry that it took me forever to post. But one day on the Finalizer, one of the new recruits clearly hadn’t gotten the message when you told him during lunch break that you simply weren’t interested. This also steered a lot more to Ruby and Y/N’s friendship, so I kinda have a love hate feeling towards this fic. Read Jealousy from the story Garnet X Reader (Scenarios) by Abrabee (Bee) with 4,682 reads. Your girl is back, and this time with some spicy shizzle 😎. Jealousy (Kylo Ren x Reader) STAR WARS MASTERLIST. Jealous : Fred Weasley x Reader. Sure he may butt into all talks you have with Akira, and he may send Ryuji and Yusuke …. Suddenly a shoe went flying and hit Dazai’s head. He always makes sure that you don’t feel neglected. You were strong, with a good quirk to accompany your strength. Flinching at her cold, painful touch, (Y/N) tried moving her neck around. bucky's doll — Jealousy, jealousyBucky Barnes x fem!reader. So I hope you like it! Sorry for typos! Words- 1,294 I really went all out. anon: oh god i forgot to mention jealous haikyuu captains text messages ajdjsj. Jealous- Fred Weasley x Reader It had been two months since Y/N, Fred , and George left hogwarts in a blaze of pranking glory. Author’s Note: This sucks really bad, but hey, I’m working on limited inspiration, here. (Joker x Reader) Masterlist I got asked for an updated MASTERLIST so here you go darlings:. They started punching me, kicking me, and. Discover more posts about possessive!bucky, bucky barnes x female reader, bucky x reader, . One night as she’s walking through the dungeons, after curfew, Draco appears and maybe pins. Your time in Lord Dio's company had just recently begun, but your sworn loyalty had. You stared across the Great Hall, watching Pansy practically hanging off Draco’s arm as they entered the room. Friday Night (Bucky x Reader). Sure, being an empath made you an amazing Avenger, that part was clear. What is the number next to every link? My xtremity scale provides the level of yandere the piece contains. Artem Wing x gn!energetic!reader. A/N: Forgot to copy and paste the request but it was bloody brilliant! This was so much fun to write :D “I got to sell a real life, 15th century Tachi yesterday - it was so beautiful! My boss even showed me the Mei before we sold it - it was so cool. Holding your balance on his leg, you propel yourself as high as possible, rubbing against as much of his face as you can manage. Savanaclaw Boys x Reader - Have you no Idea That You’re In Deep. Jealousy, Jealousy Pairing: Tom Holland x Famous!Reader Synopsis: you call Tom out on his most jealous moments warning: adult humor . A/N: I hope this brings you a …. Request: Uhh an angsty jealous!Peter Parker x reader. Jealousy - 300 words or less prompt (yeah, I said 300 in the original post, but we all knew I would go over. Yup, you definitely had a lot of catching up to do. Just then, Jesse came walking back to your table with two mugs and a pot of coffee. This led to jealousy when he saw others (particularly Thor) excelling at things he wasn’t. They React To You Wearing Their Traditional Clothing For The First Time. Author’s notes: Sorry it took so long for me to do. Can’t hide jealousy (Steve Rogers x reader). Summary: Luisa lets her feelings get to her despite your constant reassurance. a/n: another hc!! i might do one or two more chars and then move onto a different content! find shinsou’s hc here <3 characters are aged up 18+!. Personal headcanon before going to bed so I can go to sChoOl tomorrow. "i, actually, was minding my own fucking. From that moment on life has been more complicated, but thankfully chaos is The King of Gotham’s trademark style. A guy in another red suit made his way into the scene. Whether or not she comments on it is the unknown aspect of the matter. Jealous (Bucky x Reader) A/N: Hi, guys!! Another Bucky fic here haha, anyways happy birthday anon!! I hope you have a great day ahead I hope this is what you wanted, I’m sorry, I would have posted earlier but I had to go the hospital so …. Pairing / Ship: Tony Stark x Male reader Featuring: Tony Stark, Jarvis Words: 1181 Category: Fic, Request, Angst-y (ish), Light smut Warning: Posessive and jealous Tony, bratty!reader, hangover, Tony grabbing your ass, Tony dirty talking-ish, dom!Tony (a little?) Summary: It’s the morning after your night out with your best friends and you let it slip that you might have flirted with another. "what the fuck is this?!" you shoved katsuki's phone in his face, the screen revealing lewd messages a girl sent to him. The two of you weren’t of course although as Charles kindly let …. I tried to but there was just something wrong with my tumblr. And thank you! :D Come talk to me anytime about anything! :3. pairing: hitoshi shinso x reader. (NOT MY GIF) Synopsis: You and Kol are fighting because Damon hit on you. I hope you enjoy it and sorry for taking so long to write it!. Hopefully it is not to much! You are my …. 4: This is obvious, but I'll say it anyway just in case. A girl who was righteous but not selfish. Their Sleeping Cuddling Positions With You (here’s Part 2) Their Favorite Place To Kiss You. zuzu🍀 — can you do a scenario where genshin boys. okay so I just finished watching all of Assassination Classroom and really let out my inner Mortal Kombat nerd on this. #jesper fahey #six of crows #shadow and bone #headcanon #x reader #Kaz Brekker #kaz brekker x …. A girl who cared about her friends before herself but still cared about her well-being. Travel Details: Jul 06, 2020 · Ongoing. n: i combined two requests into one, hope you guys like it :) and i’m so sorry it’s taken forever. 18+ | WATTPAD | AO3 | I do not use any other platforms for my fiction. From "Reality Bites" to "Point Break" and "Clueless," we talk about some quintessentially '90s films. Every time Wade comes over for dinner, The Joker wants to kill him: Deadpool can’t keep his mouth shut and it’s known The King of Gotham doesn't have a lot of patience, especially when he thinks your friend has the audacity to flirt with you. and is very scared because, she knows it's a yandere, but wendy protects her in every story, she is the best!. Fez x Fem!Reader Ash x Fem!Reader (platonic) Originally posted by kaplanjoshua. Aizawa looks at his students, face straight as ever. #headcanon #x reader #reader insert #disney encanto #encanto 2021 #encanto #camilo madrigal #family madrigal #camilo x reader #camilo madrigal x. Jealousy Jason Todd x Reader Prompt: You are Green Lantern student and are on the YJ squad. See a recent post on Tumblr from @kinanabinks about jealous!bucky. Although you didn’t know all the facts they never told you the truth about SHIELD or thee veneers just that they were your enemies. Jealousy Headcanons for Belphegor/How he would react to you trying to get him to be jealous. Fanfics & Imagines :) — Jealous. Jealousy | Neito Monoma x Reader Masterlist Summary: Monoma gets jealous of Tetsutetsu and Y / n. 2k “Would you like to listen with me?” you popped your head into the living room where your boyfriend was lounging on the couch. Jealousy Induced Hickey Attack (Bucky Barnes X …. His voice was a little higher than usual. Lying on your back you softly gaze at his face and bring a hand to his cheek, “I love you so much. She had meet Jungkook and the rest of BTS at a party that her unnie forced her to go to. warnings: implied explicit content (characters have been aged up), catcalling, mentions of alcohol. 2: If it is Kokichi x reader x another character it is allowed. You were staring in the distance and didn’t want to go to your seat. Discover more posts about wanda x you, wanda maximoff x female reader, wanda maximoff x you, wanda maximoff x reader, wanda maximoff imagine, wanda fanfic, and wanda x reader. Nezuko quickly jumped up from (Y/N)’s lap to show her elder brother her new hairstyle. a/n: ahoy! it’s been a while i’m so surprised so many people liked my previous post lolllll my simping of the week goes to scaramouchy will you do the fandango so i had to write something for this blue berry. The hum of the engine of the jet didn’t quite silence your thoughts. Warnings: Swearing (as always) and my bad writing. Little One — Anakin Skywalker X Reader Being Jealous. You can contact about me about that if you’re trying to look deeper into it as I do not have any examples of what I’ll write/won’t write including gore. After a few days of not seeing her at work, he goes to see her and explains. (Bucky Barnes x reader) Request: The one where the reader is Wanda’s big sister and she has the power of teleportation. A/N - I loved writing this! I’ll try and get a few more done tonight, but my Monologue needs learning! “No, Tony No!” You scream, running to the other side of the Lab. Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Henderson!Reader, Steve Harrington x Reader(Platonic), Dustin Henderson x Sister!Reader. A Daydream Away ( Elijah Mikaelson x Reader ) *NSFW. That is until you look at him once again and your eyes stay locked. Hello~~ I think I’ve been looking at your profile picture too much (I need my daily dose of valorant x reader and I can say I’ve never refreshed tumblr so often to check if you posted :D) Yoru has a cute nose. ohio 100-year floodplain map; loki x reader jealous of thor By how many brodie are there in the world? 1 second ago. Your head was up high as you looke. You could feel the heat coming off the cut and could almost see the red. 𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 : Your missing your boyfriend Tom and join him to sleep. izuku, brought you guys some hot and spicy rice cakes to warm your selves up in to the. Jealousy | Legolas x elf Reader. TFP Optimus X Reader? The reader’s a Femme who’s a tomboy. You simply let out a soft laugh and glance back up at the stars. NATIONALITY: CHINESE (as you have understood I am a china fun) AT SCHOOL. Hello anon!!!! This is so cute omg I LOVE writing for Kurapika <3 I hope you enjoy! Jealous Kurapika x GN!Reader • You had been spending an awful lot of time looking after Gon and Killua lately, and not spending much time with your boyfriend, Kurapika • You chose to look after them because you knew they absolutely adored you, and you knew Kurapika was usually pretty busy …. Because I love you and she doesn’t. Pairing: Hashibira Inosuke x Reader. Belphegor x Reader - Watch your tongue. You were a cheerleader, in all honors classes, and everyone loved you. I’m not an expert on writing and I’m really not that good, so I apologize for any mistakes I make beforehand. Jealous Tamaki (Amajiki Tamaki x Reader 18 smut), a my. Discover more posts about camilo madrigal jealous x reader. Jealous (Carl x Reader + Ron) Father and son talk ‘We’re just reading comics!’’ ‘’Stupid Sherrif Kid’‘ (Ron x Reader x Carl Imagine) ‘‘What the hell did i do to deserve this?’‘ Happy For You (Carl Grimes x Reader Imagine) Rick Grimes. ⚔Fighter⚔ ♤ someone who continues to try hard and will not give up easily when things are difficult ♤ She/Her ♤ Still on the journey of Self-Discovery ♤ INFP. request from anon// Klaus cheating on reader with Caroline. everyday after school you’re hanging out with Peter to either work on a project or to study together. Warnings: None, just jealous bois. They hit my hands, making my bag fall down. Requested by @cabinetxbattles - Could you do a Draco x Reader where Draco is jealous that Blaise is flirting with the reader and he decides to show …. Jealous Headcanons (Ace and Sabo). See a recent post on Tumblr from @puppycaptive about Michael afton x reader. Word count: 2,315 (This story is …. But he does know that you had somehow bewitched him into liking you. ANON: hey miss ‍♀️could I request a jealous Levi one-shot. mcyt x reader dreamwastaken smut sapnap x reader georgenotfound smut mcyt smut dream x reader dream jealous sapnap sapnap smut sapnap nsfw 10 notes Jul 31st, 2021 Open in app. Originally posted by moonlightmiya. jealous (sokka x reader) requested by : @shadylightpandaspy - can you do and very fluffy angsty make out sesh with sokka that’s it that’s the request 😌 ️ requested by : @queenofmankind - hi there!. Membrane x Bodyguard! Male! Reader (Very Short Angst) Jealous! Membrane x Fem! Reader (Smut. “Can u do another imagine where it is post war and the reader is pregnant with Draco’s baby and they tell his parents but then she gets sad afterwards bc her dad (Snape) died and she can’t tell him and draco comforts her?” ~Anon The feels. Slender Man : You were waiting for Slendy by the woods near the park when a group of guys comes up to you. About Reader Jealous Tumblr X Shoto had tried his hardest, pushed himself to the limit to try and convince you to drop out of UA See more posts like this on Tumblr. eyelessjackxreader, bloodypainterxreader, masky. #1 - When They’re Jealous (TFA) Kylo Ren: Kylo Ren is extremely possessive, the pair of you almost inseparable (due to Kylo being so damn protective). His jealousy is unfounded, but how can you reason with someone. ” Eggsy came in the training room. It’s an awesome song! I hope you all enjoy this loves!. Jealous- Older!Damian Wayne x Reader-20 Dec 2016-(Requested by anon) Damian sat with his girlfriend in the most expensive restaurant in Gotham. Draco Malfoy x Reader | ☁️ | 1k | Slytherin!Reader. A random guy starts to flirt with you and Newt gets jealous and flips outs. Requested by: @incredibly-violent. Never miss a post from padwolf. Originally posted by herohunter. I love how u write your angst so yea, bit of fluff too, thank u!” Requested by: @ilikeboth-cuzwhynot. This baby was going to be unbelievably loved. A/N: I actually forgot about the character traits so I apologize!! But I kept everything else the same!. arson rat's hovel — jealousy / ekko x gn!reader. Let’s just say there is some revenge in this. Thor nodded curtly and uncrossed his arms, saying, “Good. Elle Claire — Kaz Brekker x reader. With a last peck, your son and husband disappear, and you go back to the cafe where your smiling brother waited patiently. I’m definitely okay with constructive criticism and feedback. Gilbert Blythe x Fem! Reader, Ruby Gillies x Fem! Reader (platonic) Requests: here and here. Requested by HarryPotterTeapot So sorry I heard you were doing x men imagines so could I request a quicksilver imagine? I really like jealousy ones so jealous imagines preferably? You and Peter had been unbelievably close for a while, to the point where the majority of the school was questioning if you were dating.