marvel mystery oil vs seafoam. Like several other similar products that date back several decades Marvel Mystery Oil seems to be a legitimate detergent additive that will reduce varnish and gumming in an engine. Idle for 15mins, then perform oil change as usual. No more power, but just seemed smoother, and was not "in the hunt" for a marked changed. The main differences between Marvel Mystery Oil vs Sea Foam are: Marvel Mystery Oil is a more expensive option but it comes in a gallon of 128 oz, whereas Sea Foam is a less expensive variant and it comes in a package of 16 oz. Improves compression, power and MPG. In addition, it can flush the vehicle's system, cylinders, valves, and lubricating pistons without damaging the engine as well. It keeps the oil layer strong during cold temperatures. I had not heard of using marval mystery oil for that purpose. Sea Foam or Marvel Mystery Oil. Nova John said: Has anyone here used MMO in gas tank or in oil. Use in conventional, synthetic and 2 and 4 cycle oil. Marvel Mystery Oil is one of the best, top end oils, and has been shown to be good for oil seals and valve seals. Reduces wear and tear on engines. Using Seafoam in the Crankcase. Marvel Mystery Oil was named by its inventor, Burt Pierce, who claimed that the product's composition was a mystery when people asked about its ingredients. If you do it then do it at oil change intervals. Marvel Mystery Oil is an automotive product of the American Marvel Oil Company, founded by Burt Pierce in 1923. Sea Foam is another “wonder additive” in the automotive world, offering a wide range of functions from a single product. In addition to cleaning, Marvel Mystery Oil also increases gas mileage, decreases engine wear and improves overall performance. People still swear by it in modern cars for use in both engine oil and gasoline additive. (It looked a lot coller on the shelf when it came in cans, though). MMO is a more mild treatment, great at cleaning up and unsticking valves, actuators and lifters when added to engine oil, also good for a little in the tank every fill up. Added to gas it cleans and lubricates fuel injectors and carburetors, improves gasoline mileage, extends spark plug life, reduces and prevents varnish and gum build-up. I think there are lots of "motorsport-specific" fuel additives, that are a better product , today. For best results use with every fill-up and oil change as indicated below. Also, I know that I am diluting the 30 weight with the marvel. Then run the engine at 1,200 RPM for 5 minutes. Does anyone have actual experience with unsticking lifters with stuff like Seafoam, Lucas, or Marvel Mystery Oil? What works best without . Seafoam works best as a fuel system cleaner in my opinion, but it does a good job in the crankcase too. (I've read positive evidence from others who are using it too, in everything from lawnmowers to bombers. I prefer berrymans as I feel it works a little better than the others, but that could be all in my head. is the headquarters for many large oil companies. Seafoam or marvel for rings?. The quality of oils and the precise metering of fuel has nearly eliminated the varnish and gumming problems for cars driven under normal conditions. Is seafoam and Marvel Mystery oil the same thing? The main differences between Marvel Mystery Oil vs Sea Foam are: Marvel Mystery Oil is a more expensive option . They serve comparable purposes but with subtle distinctions. Marvel Mystery Oil has been around since 1928, and its red colored bottles and wintergreen scent have graced many a garage. Lucas is good but i dont recommend it for loud lifters. 6 ppm sulfur instead of 15 ppm sulfur will cause any damage or affect the life to the engine. I've got it in my fuel and will be in the crankcase at next oil change. So, just pour an ounce of it in every gallon of fuel and . legal) aviation product, but based on his testimony I think I'll. Coming up on an oil change and I've recently noticed a click in the engine on initial start up which continues until warm up. and lubricating qualities that are legendary. Z-max & Marvel, while havine detergent benefits, also provide lubrication properties. And countless times, it comes out with 50/50 replies. Marvel mystery oil engine flush. I'm getting ready to fire it up. i use marvel mystery oil in my engine crankcase oil and in my gear box. Sea Foam Vs Lucas Fuel Treatment Experiment Part 1 of 2. Marvel Mystery Oil 1 gallon is the original oil enhancer and fuel treatment. I use lucas fuel injector cleaner and upper cylinder lube mixed with a pint of marvel mystery oil in my 02 WRX, so a gallon of lucas and pint of marvel every other tank, about 5oz for full tank/16gal, somebody told me that this was BAD for my fuel system using it every. IMHO, the best thing to do is use a quart of Kerosene or Diesel fuel. Then, in the new oil, install one-half pint MMO. What happens if there is a blockage in the fuel lines? Your engine may not suffer a cardiac arrest but will lose its performance, efficiency. Superior Cleaning for Engines & Fuel Systems; Reduces Wear & Tear on Engines; Increases Gas Mileage. You get to decide which product is superior! Thank you for co. Seafoam in • GL1100 Information & Questions • The premier web site for Goldwing technical . Marvel Mystery Oil is going to be a little more expensive and is used every time you change the oil or fill up the gas tank. It can be used safely in ANY gasoline or diesel engine. The past 15 years, I've learned firsthand that small engines (like 6. 2) Dump 1/2 bottle of seafoam into the crankcase 100 - 300 miles before you perform scheduled oil change 3) Go Old School. I mix a little Marvel Mystery oil and Seafoam in about every tank of gas for my tractors and motorcyles. In my situation would it be best to use either of these products? I pulled the oil pan to see what sludge collection was present. It is composed primarily of petroleum distillates, including mineral oil (60-100%), mineral spirits (10-30%), tricresyl phosphate (an antiwear. Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2016 8:17 pm Post subject: Re: Sea Foam vs. This fuel injection cleaner increases the oil pressure that in turn helps increase the fuel efficiency up to four miles per gallon. Used Mystery Magic Oil for the last 500 miles then changed to synthetic oil for the first time (~$4) 8. Marvel Mystery Oil · Marvel Mystery Oil comes with your choice of several package sizes, while Sea Foam can . Both Seafoam and MMO are terrific products. when I had a 2003 mini, the computer was supposed to establish the change interval for me based on my driving cycle. Was wondering if it would do any good. My oil change is almost up and from what I've read, adding 1/3 of Seafoam into oil 20-40 miles before an oil change is no problem. Both of these impressive cars feature high powered engines with sleek exteriors that packed a. Agreed; the only thing I would use Seafoam for is to clean all the crud out of the tops of the cylinders and intake manifold/valves. Seafoam is a fast engine flush and you are not supposed to drive around with it in the crankcase where mmo is a slow cleaner that needs time to work. Several of them probably even contain chicken soup. I've picked up a few bottles, will be adding some on the next oil change. There is a wide gap in pricing between fuel additives. Marvel Mystery is the most expensive game in this lineup. Which is better Marvel Mystery Oil or seafoam? In terms of pricing, both fuel additives have a pretty significant difference. Marvel Mystery Oil requires you to change it every time you change the oil. Diesel fuel will work also but it contains sulfur which will corrode any yellow metals (brass, copper, bronze) with which it comes in contact so it is unsuitable for many prewar cars. Marvel Mystery oil is the best product for preventing condensation and reducing engine noise. Can be added in with oil changes and in your fuel tank. Available in a convenient 1-gallon jug. You pour it in, drive for a bit, and drain it back out. When it comes to Marvel Mystery oil vs. I've been using Marvel mystery oil and Sea Foam for such a long time. Marvel Mystery Oil or Camguard?. If your engine fails to retain the engine oil for more than a week, or the carburetor makes a strange ticking noise, simply replace 20 percent of the engine oil with this mystery oil. Hi all Seafoam or Marvel as an oil additive - any opinions as to which is best? Thanks in advance Kev. 0% Total voters 25; 1 - 17 of 17 Posts. January 12, 2019 Roadkill Customs Products & Reviews. As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from Amazon. The marvel seems like a preventive product, but I have the problem already. Remember back in the GOOD ol days we only had non-detergent oil so the inside of the engine could get kind of GUNKY. Seafoam is good for a bandaid valve train cleaning though. Marvel's Mystery oil is a penetrating oil used for general purpose needs just like WD-40. Honda - Can I use marvel mystery oil on 400ex? - So can I add some like Marvel Mystery oil to my gas to clean it up. Right next to the PS diesel additive on the shelf was Marvel Mystery Oil. Now i'm cutting back to 4oz per 10 gallons fuel. These are the top fuel injector cleaners for high-mileage, direct-injection and diesel engines. Marvel, I will do what I need to do here. com's picks of the best ones here. when it come to marvel mystery I am NOT skeptical:cheer: Bill Jenkins was a true engine builder He race an engine a few times and tore it down. "Seafoam," the Marvel Mystery for about $4, works out for a double price. It'll clean the intake system and upper end to factory new conditions. For 4-Cycle and 2-Cycle engines add 1 ounce of Marvel Ultimate per every 1 gallon of fuel. Is synthetic oil bad for older engines?. Compared to Marvel Mystery Oil, it costs more, although it is available in a gallon of 128 oz, while Seafoam is a less expensive option and is available in a 16 . If you have a sticky lifter or some other problem, adding mystery oil or any of those things is only going to be a temporary fix at best. Marvel Mystery Oil Check The Price Helps clean engines. That Marvelous Marvel Mystery Oil and other low. i buy quarts when they go on sale for about . was sold as a top lube, to prevent cyl wear and valve guide wear on. I used Marvel Mystery Oil at each fill up, but stopped once I discovered Shell gas enriched with nitrogen. The formula can also be used in oil to help. In the winter or when they are going to set for long periods I also add Stabil Marine or Storage to the mix. Seafoam does not even come close to matching it. Marvel Mystery Oil - Editor's Choice and Most Versatile. #2 · Aug 20, 2006 They are different. the marvel mystery oil mixes better with the engine oil, the sea foam on the other hand makes the bike put out a LOT of white smoke if you use it directly into the carb plenum while the bike is running to get quicker cleaning results, but if you put the sea foam into the fuel tank, it does make my bike run a little better while it helps to clean the fuel system. Marvel Mystery Oil Seafoam's primary purpose is to dislodge and break down carbon . The active ingredient in Seafoam and MMO are very. Compared to Marvel Mystery Oil, it costs more, although it is available in a gallon of 128 oz,. The techron additive is popular as is Seafoam now, both you can get at Pepboys. Drain 3 qts of oil, and replace with 3 qts of ATF. Within this article of "Clash of the Classics," we are pitting two heavyweight muscle cars together: the 1969 Mach 1 vs 1969 Z28. For many years (back in the 40s) it. Jump to Latest Follow Seafom vs MarvelMysterOil Seafom Votes: 15 60. on the back, it said " This diesel fuel additive does not comply with federal low sulfur content requirements for use in model 2007 and. Fuel Engine Oil Additives: STP, Lucas, Marvel, Seafoam, etc. is marvel mystery oil safe for wet clutch? 7. I use SeaFoam and Chevron Techtron in gas every 3 or 4 thousand miles. When I added the concentrated cleaner, it lubricated and cleaned real quick. Sea Foam is more expensive than Marvel Mystery Oil. Marvel Mystery Oil helps unleash maximum power and performance while extending engine life. add 4 quarts of your favorite motor oil and one quart of Marvel Mystery Oil. Marvel Mystery Oil 50665 Ultimate Fuel and Motor Treatment. Especially during the winter when water condenses on the engine cylinder around the crankcase. Mobil 1™ Full Synthetic Engine Oil 10W-30, 4. Seafoam is very powerful shit, I slowly feed it through a vacuum hose to clean the top end of an engine (I can't stress slowly enough). I only use Seafoam every couple of thousand miles to get rid of carbon. Sea Foam Vs Lucas Fuel Treatment Experiment Part 2 of 2. Jump to Latest Follow Hey Everyone! Enter your bike HERE to be a part of this months Bike of the Month Challenge! 1 - 20 of 27 Posts. Marvel's original Mystery Oil is formulated to provide long-lasting protection to all of an engine's internal components. Apr 14, 2017 · Ultimately, the answer to that question is yes. Depending on your needs, it's available in 16-ounce, 32-ounce, one-gallon, five-gallon or 55-gallon containers and can be used in conjunction with synthetic blend and full-synthetic oil products. Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 5. Helps extend life and peak performance. Insert, pour, twist, and remove. It corrodes away different parts of your engine. This allows it to be run continually. Marvel Mystery Oil lubricates the entire fuel system, fuel pumps, fuel injectors or carburetors and the top portion of the cylinders. Car guys, whats the best fuel injector. This lubricates the upper cylinders and gives me an extra mpg or so. In the mean time you are diluting and reducing the oil's ability to do what it does best - lubricate and cool. Marvel is great for older vehicles, I've freed up sticky lifters and cleaned up dirty engines with it. Oil sludge accumulation in neglected engines is , or was in m. I still have almost a gallon of mmo in the basement, but no use for it as of now. So y'all can take care of your vehicles the way you want to that you paid for and I will take care of mine that I paid for! I know nothing of seafoam, but I hope that this will help. Use type BC dry chemical fire extinguisher or smother with dirt, sand or baking soda. Thus, in reference to Marvel Mystery oil vs. Pricing is pretty significant in terms of fuel additives; they are both quite competitive. Product and Company Identification 1. Do Fuel System Cleaners Actually Really Work? BG 44K. Find out more about how fish oil may benefit your overall health. On the other hand, Sea Foam Oil requires you to use it once every . XL Nanolube Engine Oil Additive & Nano Treatment. So I put them in and drove the truck for a day or 2 to let them work. Marvel mystery oil isnt flammable and the seafoam is very. November 27, 2012 at 5:51 am #479998. Marvel Mystery Oil is more expensive, but it comes in a gallon of 128 oz, whereas Sea Foam is less expensive and comes in a 16 oz bottle. When winter is over your engine will be thanking you as the life of your car continues to extend. Seafoam charges almost double the price of Marvel Mystery. Generally, Marvel Mystery Oil additives are safe for oxygen sensors and converters inside the machine. Marvel Mystery Oil as seen from several user reviews is not the best option for cleaning, whereas Lucas Oils are better at cleaning. We used Tapmatic automatic reversing tapping machines in the shop, and were able to cut perfect 1/2 inch threads at 1500 RPM when lubing the taps with Mystery Oil via spray mist oilers. Adding 1/3 of can into a 4 gallon gas tank is no problem. However, since no leaway was given, we were forced by law to add the statement that Marvel Mystery Oil would. or Marvel Mystery Oil? Which one do you put in the gas can and which one do you put in the crankcase? Do you have any objective proof for your choices?. We used to use a quart of ATF to do the same thing. Because the Sea Foam SF-16 is made with oil based solvents it also lubricates while cleaning. High horsepower muscle cars and race engines require more protection than today's reformulated new car engine oils provide. Fish Oil Facts: Everything You Need to Know. When you add Marvel Mystery Oil to your fuel tank, it slowly cleanses your fuel system, the injectors included. I added 2oz Marvel during the next two tanks and the bike has smoothed out. Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 20. It may have to do with the climate here in Michigan, Monday night it went from 56 degrees to 29 in nothing flat. Add one ounce of Sea Foam Motor Treatment for every quart of oil in the crankcase. Answer (1 of 4): For the most part they just drain your wallet, and many actually damage your engine. FWIW, it seems to run smoother(was not running rough)with the introduction of it. Would like to put something in the top of the cylinders for a little lubrication prior. Marvel Mystery Oil can be used every time you change your oil. Marvel Mystery Oil is a product of the Marvel Oil Company, founded by Burt Pierce in 1923. Hey has anyone ever tried it? Does anyone know what's in it or what they use as a substitute? The Yanks have it good. ! the old timers say run the pa-11 w/ no lead, hi-octane, and the proper dab of Marvel Mystery Oil. I do not have fouled out plugs, some of my equipment has original plugs and still purr like a kitten. Which is better seafoam or Marvel Mystery Oil? Marvel Mystery Oil has better hot compression performances. (VP, Maxima, etc) You probably don't need any additives, but if your bike tends to sit, for. They also describe it as a slow cleaner. This cleans the carbon and sludge collected in the engine passages and crevices and hydraulic lifters, and stores it in the bottom of the oil kidney. The Seafoam can says you can use it in the crankcase to clean internal components and free up stuck rings. And "back in the day" means the 1920's here. Marvel Mystery Oil vs Seafoam: Price Marvel Mystery oil can be bought online, gas stations, or at the retail shops. Reduces cold weather starts and. Use in all gas types, including diesel and ethanol blends. Can you use Marvel Mystery Oil for air tools? We added to the original Marvel Mystery Oil to create a specially formulated tool oil for use in all piston type and rotary air tools, as well as in-line air lubricators. You can put it in your gas tank and run a few tanks of gas. I've checked the plugs after a couple months of mowing, and they have been burning just fine. I ran a very large fleet and used it all the time Bill turned me on to marvel mystery oil way back in the 60s. Marvel Mystery retails just as much as Seafoam. Going to do an oil change this week. Both oils come with their advantages . Marvel mystery oil or Seafoam [WHICH ONE IS BETTERComparing the Marvel mystery oil and the Seafoam. A Mexican friend of mine, who is professional small engine mechanic is encouraging me to drain the oil, install a new cheap filter, and fill the crankcase with 1 gallon of diesel fuel and 1 quart of oil. Gumout Regane Most modern gasoline formulations contain sufficient detergents to render regular fuel injector cleaner treatment superfluous and a. From lawnmowers to outboards to motorcycles to . Sea Foam Motor Treatment has been the #1 selling complete fuel system additive ever since the automotive industry started keeping track. Adding an additive to engine oil can improve the oil's overall performance hence that it can perform at its highest level. I hear that adding seafoam or marvel oil to the oil system before the change cleans everything out. And my old Shovelhead with the original soft valve seats made for leaded fuel. using ATF, but more pronounced. I then ran 2 gallons of water through the engine with my meth injection . 8% Marvel Mystery Oil 25 vote (s) 37. Sea Foam can only be used in fuel, whereas Marvel Mystery Oil can be used in both oil and fuel. There are lots of fans of each brand so just use whatever you prefer. Marvel Mystery Oil - I think it was fine for old technology carb'd motors and lead or MTBE fuels, but if using as a decarb elixer there are better choices. I think Robert DIY isn't a fan of using Seafoam on our cars and I believe Scotty Kilmer advised against Mystery Marvel Oil on newer cars . They are different products when used in the crank case. if anyone used or if you can use Marvel Mystery Oil instead of the seafoam in . So, it is more expensive and costly. RE: High mileage oil change intervals ivymike (Mechanical) 10 Jan 10 08:54. Fresh 10-30, MMO and a fresh filter Berryman's B-12 in the tank and having your Nailhead (or other lawnmower engine) running on all 8 with good carburation and tuned up will give trouble free performance. Marvel Mystery Oil is a petroleum-based product designed to be used as an additive in either your engine or fuel lines. Marvel Mystery Oil is an additive that was fist sold in 1923 through the Marvel Oil Company. The main differences between Marvel Mystery Oil vs Sea Foam are: Marvel Mystery Oil is a. Seafoam is dependent on what you want. Marvel Mystery Oil can be used in oil and fuel, whereas Sea Foam can only be used in fuel. Both do an excellent job of freeing up stuck lifters, usually within 100 miles of driving. Seafoam and Marvel Mystery Oil have both proven to be very effective engine cleaners in testing during previous video episodes. Project Farm pits the legendary Marvel Mystery Oil against Seafoam results from previous videos — You decide which product is superior!. Main Differences Between Sea Foam vs. Understand the Types of Oil Additives. Here I test Marvel Mystery Oil and Seafoam against 300000 miles of carbon from a 2002 Toyota Camry 2azfe. Adding Marvel Mystery Oil at a level of 4 ounces to 10 gallons of diesel fuel adds 1. Unlike Seafoam, MMO is an oil base and also has anti-wear components, and which is recommended by the manufacturer for adding to engine oil and leaving for up to 3k. 1 Product Identifier Product Name: Marvel Mystery Oil Product Code (SKU): MM12R (50094), MM13R (50095), MM13RC (50096) MM14R (50097) - See section 15 for discontinued SKU's. i heard that you can use marvel mystery oil in mowers is this true Don't add more than recommended and you'll be fine. All you need to do is order, and it will be delivered to you for your use. I don't use oil treatments every oil change, I try to buy good oil and filters and let them do the work. INDEX of Q&A Section Content - Specific Oil Additive Questions (scroll down below the article): Oil Additive vs. Last edited by transmaster; 11-20-2007 at 02:21 AM. My Lycoming io540 which has 20,000 hr total time and 3100 SMOH uses straight 50wt oil in summer and 20w multi in winter, sometimes with cam guard. Adding seafoam in oil can help clean deposits out of your crankcase and oil system to ensure proper liquid movement and prevent overheating. Then immediately drain, put fresh 5W-30 and a OEM Toyota filter on. The question on which is better between Marvel Mystery Oil vs. Sea Foam works to dissolve and liquefy petroleum deposits that grow to big and sticky to drain. What are your thoughts on Marvel Mystery Oil? My reply: With disparaging Marvel or other additives, such as Seafoam, Lucas, the need for them is probably much less today than it was back in the daguerreotype '80s, say - when off-the-shelf oil was practically unrefined compared with today's synthetic/blends and the additive packages they. But some people like to add a little to the fuel tank to help lube things like fuel injectors and such. It helps keep the piston and valves cleaner too. Seafoam just helps to clean carbon out, and it works good I ran both seafoam and marvel mystery oil thru my '51 Chevy ( just mixed them with the gas like they say you can ) and along with the Autolite plugs I put in, it runs much better now, even tho it ran good b4. Engine oil prevents the friction between the parts from heating up and melting them. One 16 ounce can of Sea Foam Motor Treatment treats up to 16 quarts of oil. which is better marvel mystery oil or seafoam? 5. When I was a kid in the mid-70's my dad had us put a little in the lawn mower gasoline. General Motors (Same as Techron) Lucas Fuel Treatment. Seafoam is a solvent, and used with engine oil to clean the oil passageways of sludge. That's 94 years this stuff has been around. Sea Foam 25% Cleaner>Naphtha I second (or 8th) the Marvel Mystery Oil personally, anything lubrication-based is better than nothing at all. Berryman b!2 chemtool vs SeaFoam. If screen type system, be sure to clean screen. Main Differences between Marvel Mystery Oil vs Lucas Oil. Discussion Starter · #1 · Nov 21, 2009. About System Cleaner Fuel Techron Vs Seafoam. Lately I'm hearing some remarkable things about Marvel Mystery Oil used as a fuel additive in aircraft, from a VERY experienced and competent mechanic and aircraft owner. 5 ounces of Marvel Ultimate per every quart in the. Chemicals can not clean carbon. I was wondering if anyone has added to oil the marvel mystery oil for a short stint to clean things up or added seafoam in the same fashion?. And the Hemi AA/Gasser! Keeps blower lubed with the methanol fuel. MMO is an upper cylinder treatment when used in the gas, while Seafoam is a fuel system cleaner! I use MMO in the oil and gas on a known oil burner! D DennyIN Tractorologist Senior Member Member Jul 20, 2018 #14 I watch the velocity channel and one time caught Wayne Carini mention using MMO in an old engine that was stuck. Use in your Oil to clean deposits, eliminate moisture and free sticky rings. Apparently Marvel Mystery Oil (MMO) is some good stuff. FWIW I like SeaFoam since they don't use the marketing gimmicks . ) Presumably this is not technically an authorized (i. Since Marvel Mystery Oil contains more than 15 ppm sulfur, adding Marvel Mystery Oil to 2007 engines would result in fuel with a sulfur content higher than 15 ppm. MMO is a more mild treatment, great at cleaning up and unsticking valves, actuators and lifters when added to engine oil, also good for a little in. I sure have not seen Sea Foam in Cheyenne. Allow me to elaborate: I recently bought Marvel Mystery Oil, Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant, and STP Fuel Injector and Carburetor Treatment and I added Seafoam not too long ago; These are claims as to what the products supposedly do: The Marvel Mystery Oil - Boasts that it helps to 1) Extend engine life, 2) Improve Fuel Economy 3) "Cleans the. Project Farm also compared Marvel vs SeaFoam vs Techchron. The best fuel injector cleaners can help increase your car's performance and fuel economy. So, when it is about Marvel Mystery oil vs. About Techron Fuel Seafoam Vs System Cleaner. An engine is the heart of the vehicle. FYI, Project Farm on YouTube has extensive tests comparing all decarb elixirs. Can Marvel Mystery Oil Be Used In A Transmission. 7L (CIS) Silver/Black 2012 Infiniti G37X Coupe (AWD) 3. The marvel mystery oil will help you prevent the problem before it happens. Don't blip the throttle, don't drive it, do not pass go or collect $200. For your outboard I would suggest "Sea Foam" regular and "deep Creep" Was thinking about adding some Marvel Mystery Oil to the fuel to see if that helps. It is used as a fuel additive, oil additive, corrosion inhibitor, penetrating oil, and transmission leak stopper and seal relubricator. Seafoam, on the other hand, is better for stabilizing fuel. Seafoam in the gas is another story and probably a discussion for another thread. the new guy's say to run avgas. After all the smoky fun, he said since he trusted my opinion on that, that I should trust his on some Marvel Mystery Oil. Marvel Mystery oil can be bought online, gas stations, or at the retail shops. Fuel mileage greatly increased too. This happens when the question is about Marvel Mystery oil vs. From the other forum it stated the Marvel Mystery Oil is a harsher product compaired to the Auto-RX over time. Marvel Mystery Oil should be used before every oil change, whereas Sea Foam should be used every 3 months or sooner. Discussion Forum: Marvel Mystery Oil vs. I use Marvel Mystery Oil to clean up the interiors of used motors. IN OIL SYSTEM Use one pint Marvel Mystery Oil about 5 hours before oil change. A good # of Tier 1 pump fuels have it as a added component. In terms of pricing, both fuel additives have a pretty significant difference. It keeps your piston lubricated at all time. High octane gas burns slower / is harder to ignite. This improves your gas mileage by increasing the. By being harder to scrape off the cylinder walls, they sometimes reduce oil consumption, but they also drain less from the pist. It does not mean that you need to cut the link with Seafoam; instead, you can use the oil sometimes. As a general rule, I've never been a fan of such. You will see a small red and white container of seafoam for $12 a bottle. Marvel Mystery Oil and SeaFoam? Was the MMO in a spray can, or liquid in a red plastic bottle with a screw cap?. If you want to prevent condensation and reduce engine noise, then Marvel Mystery oil is the ideal product. The most significant differences between MMO vs Sea Foam are: Marvel Mystery Oil comes with your choice of several package sizes, while Sea Foam can only be purchased as a 16 oz. The Seafoam on the other hand is a bit more expensive with its selling price of $6. My favorite happens to be sea foam. Techron Fuel System Cleaner Vs Seafoam yeah this will clean some of the carbon buildup off but if you have alot, then a product like seafoam or techron cleaner will help you get more of the carbon out. Look, seafoam shouldnt break your engine. Add 12 ounces of Marvel Ultimate per every 16 gallons. It probably won't help, but it can't hurt. Seafoam is a fast engine flush and you are not supposed to drive around with it in the . Then I watched 2 educational videos about Marvelous Mystery Oil. How To Use Marvel Mystery Oil In Engine?. Lifter tick should I use seafoam?. Is Marvel Mystery Oil better than seafoam? Marvel Mystery Oil has better hot compression performances. The Marvel Mystery Oil is a highly detergent additive with penetrating. Top end lubrication and sludge control. The runner up is an excellent engine oil additive that boosts performance, protects, and increases gas mileage of our cars. Is Marvel Mystery Oil the Same as Seafoam? Should I Use Marvel Mystery Oil If My Fuel Contains Detergent?. Marvel Mystery Oil claims to be a cure-all for lots of fuel issues. Going on a long road trip in a few . In the event of an oil/grease fire, do NOT attempt to extinguish with water. I do use a dose of Marvel Mystery oil on occasion is certain things like the crankcases and a splash on occasion in the fuel, but not in this boat "yet". 3) drain any remaining fuel from housing (new 20 oz bottle works great) 4) close drain valve. Cuts down on wear and tear on car. I have used Marvel but never in the oil. Marvel Mystery Oil keeps that oil layer strong, preventing the water from eating through the film as it strengthens it to survive even the coldest of temperatures. Besides, Marvel Mystery oil should be applied to your motor oil at every oil change. Just let it sit there and idle for awhile then change with fresh oil. , STE 150 Addison, IL 60101 SAFETY DATA SHEET 1. Marvel Mystery Oil used to be popular with street racers (high . Since I started using seafoam I haven't switched. Which is better to add to the gas, MMO or Seafoam ? :dunno: Good question!! Does anyone know?? Also does MMO and Seafoam have the same ability . Sea Foam is a better fuel stabilizer than Marvel Mystery Oil. So I now add super tech tcw-3 2 stroke oil to my tdi since the alh motor was designed for the higher 500ppm sulphur diesel fuel. ) 30 years ago, my grandfather (engineer) swore by the Marvel Mystery oil additive in an old century inboard boat (nobody believed him. Made from 100% petroleum ingredients, it always works great in both fuel and oil systems to help engines start easier, run cleaner, and work better. December 21, 2018 Roadkill Customs Products & Reviews, Technical Info. 12a Refrigerant recharge Easy Fill (284g / 10oz) (R134 substitute) This product is rated 5 stars out of 5 stars. Do not exceed one treatment per oil change interval. Which fuel additive is best? Lucas Oil vs Seafoam vs 4:11. will marvel mystery oil clean an engine? 6. While not containing advanced technology like some of the other additives we've mentioned, it's still a great basic fuel additive for carburetor engines. MMO has been around since 1923 and is a solid oil additive with nearly a century of performance. First of all, it serves as a lubricating protective layer that prevents. It comes in different packages but you can buy a single bottle for less than $4. What would someone recomend to do? I also have a 15HP Johnson kicker that Ijust picked up used. Which product works best for removing water contaminated fuel: Seafoam, HEET, or Isopropyl Alcohol? In this video, Project Farm tests each of these products in water and we also test how they do with preventing and melting ice that’s formed in gasoline. I've been using Marvel Mystery Oil for almost 40 years. Marvel Mystery Lubricating Oil is safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. Diesel kleen goes in my tdi regularly. Using high quality lubricant base oil, advanced additive technology with maximum levels of ZDDP, and an understanding of the lubrication needs of high horsepower engines, we have designed an engine oil specifically for them. As mentioned before, putting Marvel Mystery Oil in gas, diesel, or. 4/ Marvel Mystery Oil Vs Seafoam: Which Is Better? It is difficult to pick a winner amongst these two products. I got a lot of responses from taking the carb off and cleaning, to return to the dealer for repair. instead of a once in a while treatment i use marvel mystery oil as an ongoing fuel and oil additive. Lucas Engine Oil can make the engine quieter, which makes it more expensive than Marvel Mystery oil. Recently turned it over a couple times by hand, no problems. The Seafoam on the other hand is a bit more expensive with its . I think the carbs could use a good cleaning out. Bg MOA Part # 110 Engine Oil Supplement. System Cleaner Vs Fuel Seafoam Techron. I've never used Lucus or Seafoam so can't. My Pep Boys has CD2 oil detergent, and Marvel mystery oil, and Renoline (spelling?) anyone have anything good or bad to say about these 3 products, to help get rid of a valve tap- sticking hydraulic lifter issue. It is crucial for the engine to be properly lubricated, to ensure. I usually base my selection on price at the moment, meaning that's about the only difference I see in those two products. I test the legendary Marvel Mystery Oil and compared it to Seafoam results from previous videos. Seafoam vs Marvel Mystery Oil! The Ultimate Showdown! I test the legendary Marvel Mystery Oil and compare it to Seafoam results from previous videos. But why is Techron better then say STP? Or any of the store bought fuel system cleaners? I always hear people recommending this from professional mechanics. Marvel mystery oil glider, Mar 30, 2008 #4. Which is better Sea Foam or Marvel Mystery Oil? In terms of pricing, both fuel additives have a pretty significant difference. The idea is to reduce modern fuel's volatility by adding oil to reduce. Marvel Mystery Oil vs Sea Foam Motor Treatment. Oil enhancer and fuel treatment. Marvel Mystery Oil has better hot compression performances. Marvel and Lucas upper cylinder lubricant contain a high level of Pale Oil so it is basically safe at all doses. using this stuff alot could it interoy ruin the injectors because it also is a lube for the injectors. Marvel Mystery Oil is a multi-use product, acting as a fuel additive, engine cleaner, and oil enhancer, as well as a combatant to corrosion, . The original oil enhancer AND fuel treatment cleans the engine from the inside out, increases fuel economy, and protects against temperature extremes. While it could be of use above the rings, it would be difficult to apply it in our machines without clogging up the fuel system. With Marvel Mystery Oil you will fight these problems. Supposedly it helps but I don't know, I never tried it myself. We really do not think that fuel at 16. The best way to clean a carb is to re-build it and use a chlorinated carb cleaner to remove residue. Marvel Mystery Lubricating Oil is safe for catalytic converters and. This guide discusses 10 of these companies. Seafoam: Which Should You Buy? Oil / By Minhaz. to be used as a daily cocktail for cleaning fuel or oil systems. The reason your compression came up is because (when used in the engine oil and the fuel) the Marvel Oil loosened up sticky piston rings, loosened up sticky rocker shafts, valve stems and valve guides, and provided a cushion/seal film on the valve sealing faces. Oil analysis specs were included in the threads as well. A pair of Seafoam shoes costs $1 more than Marvel Mystery's. In addition to reducing tappet noise, it is also said to increase gas mileage and prevent dry starts. I just use "Top Tier" gas and seldom resort to using the add-ons. Valvoline Maxlife High Mileage 5W30 Motor Oil. Dump it in the crankcase, idle for 20 minutes. TOM: The reason most manufacturers make a blanket recommendation against additives is because there are too many to keep track of. Cleaned the headlights that was turning very dull and yellowish 11. Marvel mystery oil is nothing new ITS been around since the 40s I highly recommend it. Joined: Oct 18, 2015 Posts: 5,311. Has worked well for me for several years, including engines that set un-started all winter. Learn about the Chemicals in the Additive. Seafoam: Which Should You Buy?. i've heard bad, i've heard good from you all.