xps xnalara models. These are all the xps xnalara 3d models we have at RenderHub. The_Chronicle_GER wrote: I've got quite a few models that either need to be created or just converted from static objects for XPS which are already available (I've made notes behind the characters where this is the case). You can print these 3d models on your favorite 3d printer or render them with your preferred render engine. Xnalara-Customized DeviantArt Gallery. And besides, the program XNALara does not contain a function to convert. 8 therfore XNALara has the new name XNALara/XPS (Xna Posing Studio) Abstract: XNALara - 3D posing software, free of charge, primarily for Tomb Raider: Underworld model. Hello guest register or sign in. I have some XNALara models and. Is there one? The OP is asking how to open XPS format models they found on DeviantArt. [XNALARA/XPS] Rise (Persona 4) Nude Model (full uncensored pic) With this, I’ve finished all main P4 girls. First of all hi, I just started using blender yesterday to mess around with video game character models. Explore the 3D Download Models: GMod-SFM-Blender-MMD-XPS collection - the favourite images chosen by GreenMint4265 on DeviantArt. Models (generic and native), "texture packs" and 'outfit features' from the newest versions of XNALara/XPS are supported. But when importing into Blender, hair looks like this. The latest base model of the Dell XPS 13 costs $999 and has a 1. You can also set a different location inside XPS' Preferences window. Thanks everyone in advance :). 0 XPS ONLY!!! lezisell 56 12 'Xuan Yuan Sword Ex' Ziqiao XPS ONLY!!! lezisell 43 2. XNALara/XPS] Allison Snow (Summer Lesson) Nude Model. Jan 31, 2022; Now when loading models you have the options to add a collider by default. load xps in xnalara while my custom DOA5 bonedict. So i found a plugin that allows import for XPS,. Save the mesh inside a new folder. The stocking is her signature look so I gave one from. The first model was Lara Croft, wearing her "jungle shorts". shame the models are just stuck in a T pose. The Albers equal-area conic projection with custom standard parallels, selected by dividing the length north to south by 6 and selecting standard parallels 1/6th above or below the southern. Get the last version of VRChat Anime Avatars Dec 17, 2017 — View topic - Blender - Play with XPS/XNALara models in Blender,Guides and tutorials. 3ds max 2010 import, export scripts for xps models, these are scripts/plugins to import or export xnalara models into 3ds max. Because if you do only as user or fan but too 3d user,I would like any 3d user to port Virtua Fighter 5 models to xnalara please after extracting VF5 models from ps3 game or xbox 360 even PC. Recolors, retextures, original, anything Read Xnalara-customized. Dell XPS 13 is a Windows 10 laptop with a 13. identity vx suicidal reader. Texture rendering partly transparent in cycles on models imported using XNALara / XPS Add-on. Mod made by me Model Rigged Bones Fully Renamed Ayano Yandere Chan Pack. This Release is compatible with Blender 2. 12 now supports python scripting to import and export 3d models. View Entire Discussion (1 Comments). "Mask shader to cut out the background". -model can be subdivided for smoother. If I take transparency off, I tried to ask I import a xps model, some parts can be seen but the rest not. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. +201001800001 Mon - Sat: 9:00 - 18:00 [email protected] Easily set a new rest pose for the model. There are several great reasons to use noesis over other methods. Besides, do the New Models work on XNALara from Dusan and i did contact him where he says he is Done with XNALara and moved on. carbon fiber dimension 100/250/5mm or you can use other plate Designed for dell xps 15 2020 printed with wood pla and polished. Noob quesions about blender with XPS xnalara. ascii files, mainly to be able to use overwatch models in blender. 3DSMAX Xnalara XPS ImportExport Scripts for 3DS MAX 2010 file - Garry's Mod 11 Half-Life ReBuilt for Garry's Mod. I've tried importing it as a wavefront. Three new settings in the UI: 1) Auto add. I would like to see support for this 2 types of model. Import Xps Xnalara Model Xps. This battery is only compatible with Dell XPS 13 9343 and XPS 13 9350 Main Features: Imports and Exports XPS/XNALara models with armature The Dell XPS 13 packs Most likely you have knowledge that, people have look numerous times for their favorite books once this dell xps 630i owners manual, but stop Dell does not preload Ubuntu with the. xps model rig into your blender, then go into the Shader Editor. Hey guys! If you are having troubles accessing the XNALARA models, here is a simple way to convert and get your models moving Making animated videos from scr. " More than 4 bone weights per vertex ". This is a rare case where I'm not interested with the game where the character came from, but I mod her just because she looks so good. Would love to branch out to other things as well in the future. Then select the materials you want to set the shader nodes for rendering. Mageflower 31 5 Cassandra Pentaghast | Apricot Dress | XPS Model by Reiko-Himezono-Lirka Cassandra Pentaghast | Apricot Dress | XPS Model . DesignDoll; Create a personalized sketch doll and make it pose. 30-inch display that has a resolution of 3200x1800 pixels. A google search for 'Xnalara models' will get you in the right direction for downloads. 1980s station wagon lowpoly model for xnalara xps. A google search for 'Xnalara models' . Every Day new 3D Models from all over the World. Browse and download from hundreds of user. Author imakeboobies; Creation date Jan 17, 2022; Hub-Hosted VAR; Overview Updates (2) Reviews (12) History. In this quick tutorial, we will briefly explain what XPS is, and how to import XPS models into Blender. Unfortunately when rendering i get this transparency issue, I'm not too experienced in blender yet and have never experienced this issue so have no clue how to fix it. ascii ! The File are called Generic_Item. Now, the 189 version of XNALara/XPS 11. xnalara xps download 3d models 81942 3d models found related to xnalara xps download. dang this is pretty good, there's a veritable treasure trove of nsfw xps/xnalara models just waiting to be used. In XNALara, the model is perfectly fine. By Biggie123987, September 11, 2019 in Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation. This model supports up to 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4-2666 SODIMM modules. DOWNLOAD FREE 3D MODELS, AE SCRIPTS, PRESETS AND MORE. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. [XNALARA/XPS] Rise (Persona 4) Nude Model (full uncensored pic) With this, I've finished all main P4 girls. I'm not even sure how I would separate the pieces of the XNALara model to do so, either. ]!!!!! No model from Deviantart will works with XNALara !!!!! XNALara has a "Whitelist" of. Basics: XPS / XNALara to Blender - YouTube. Jan 04, 2021 Rainbow Six Siege Jager XPS/Xnalara Me(Diego4fun) -->> Porting to XPS/ Xnalara I don't have those models here, unfortunatley :/ Reply. Just log in or sign up to start taking advantage of all the 3D models we have to offer. These XNALara models dramatically cut the development time down, so your project is ready faster. Xnalara Accessories Shang Tsung (尚宗)1 is a character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. The Blade Pro 17 deftly straddles the line between thin-and-light 17-inch general-purpose power models like the Dell XPS 17 9700 ($2,940 at Dell) and hulking, steroidal gaming systems like the. 80 released there where many changes. Xnalara Latest Version I figured you would've used milkshape for this as you have before. II (XNALara Model) BrutalSurge402X 33 1 Raccoon City Downtown (Resident Evil 3 Remake) dddkhakha1 85 2 Station Square - Ruined (XNALara Model) BrutalSurge402X 60 1 XPS+MMD [God Eater Resonant Ops]Scenes Submarine 03 Vera-White 13 0 XPS+MMD [God Eater Resonant Ops]Scenes Submarine 02 Vera-White 10 2 XPS+MMD [God Eater Resonant Ops]Scenes. Tons of supported functions are already ready for us and do not need to be added like xbox and ps2 images. This video show you where to get and how to install Johnzero7's XPS Tools, the XNALara Import/Export tool for Blender. Most models on DeviantArt are in XNALara formats (. Author imakeboobies; Creation date Jan 17, 2022; Hub-Hosted VAR; Overview Updates (2) Reviews (12) History Discussion. The Walking Dead on Xnalara. 9), you can only load the models made by Dusan from here [You must be registered and logged in to see this link. Goku Black (Base) (Fighterz) (XNALara Model) BrutalSurge402X 13 2 Trunks (DBS) (Fighterz) (XNALara Model) BrutalSurge402X 21 3 DBFZ - Beat And Note (SDBH) Time Patroller (XPS) HiGuys920 20 1 Planet Namek (XNALara Model) BrutalSurge402X 26 13 Dwarf King Gazel Dwargo for XNALara UchihaDEMS 31 5 Dana (Ys VIII) - XPS ShinyAegislash 44 5 Preview of. 7; Blender Toolshelf, an addon for Blender to: Import/Export XPS Models, Poses. I'll share it with animations when done. If its on Video game chatter (Considering that XNALara/XPS Isn't a game, There is a huge -and quickly growing- list of 3d models and . Feb 20, 2021 · Xnalara is described as 'XnaPosingStudio is a "XNA Model Viewer" and 3D posing. com is an excellent resource for this) and extract it somewhere helpful (i use VAM_ROOT/Custom/XPS/ ) Select any atom (doesn't need to be a CUA, i often use empty atoms for this) and attach the plugin. 3D Models below are suitable not only for printing but also for any computer graphics like CG, VFX, Animation, or even CAD. XnaPosingStudio (XPS), also known as XNALara, is a 3D Model Viewing and Posing program, which allows everyone to create amazing Pictures and even frame by frame animations easily and in real-time. Yes, 11 years ago XNALara was born. Nov 17, 2016 - Posed in XPS Edited in PS XPS model by XKamsonX Ayane Beach. And then you downloaded from the network another good model and wanted to try on a pose from your favorite model on this new one. Jul 08, 2018 · XPS Tools Blender Toolshelf, an addon for Blender to. Xnalara xps models Xnalara xps modelscom 3D/2D models XeNTaX Some useful links about 3d games and models ! by shekofte » Sat List of games that you can extract 3d models from ! Dec 17, 2017 · Reorganized Import/Export into XNALara/XPS submenu. Release name (Download) File size (Info) Download count Release date Active days; XNALaraMesh is maintained by johnzero7. The XPS 13 is probably Dell's most popular laptop, perhaps not in terms of "units shipped" because it is a high-end product, but in terms of branding and overall product halo, it is right there at the top. Featured: How to mesh and rig XPS models using Blender 2. Home View on GitHub Download latest release All Releases. Thread starter imakeboobies; Start date Jan 17, 2022; Overview Updates (2) Reviews (12) History Discussion. Messages 11 Reactions 6 Points 3. TWDC - Walter TWD S2 (XPS) AKandrov 22 5 {XPS} TWD: Our World. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. XNALara - 3D posing software, primarily for Tomb Raider: Underworld models. The 20-inch model has 2 GB of dual-channel DDR2 SDRAM @ 667 MHz, while the 24-inch model has 4 GB of dual-channel DDR2 SDRAM @ 800 MHz. To do this, click the File menu at the top of the viewer, select Open, and navigate to the file ending with the. These models are designed to plug right in, so no remodeling necessary. They didn't say anything about using the actual XNALara program. xps) and navigate to your Widowmaker directory. Double-clicking your XPS file on your computer will also open it immediately in the XPS viewer. Add support for XNALara/XPS Models and MMD MikumikuDance. This group is for any artists that have and want to display their xnalara custom models. Invoke the menu item File-->Add model (s). Those who already know me in Deviantart and tumblr before will know what's my specialty here. , then you can load XNALara models as well you can load XPS models. if you found a way to pose,enable collision or otherwise use the xps models in place of normal models this plugin would be an absolute must have. 0 - Countdown Preview Edition Xnalara 3D models ready to view, buy, and download for free. Find a TMC matching the Xnalara model 4. 0 XPS ONLY!!! lezisell 57 12 'Xuan Yuan Sword Ex' Ziqiao XPS ONLY!!! lezisell 43 2. User blog:Quietman21/Ever heard of Xnalara program or Xps. com/lezisell/art/FREE-Yakuza-7-Zhao-Tianyou-Basic-XPS-ONLY-888708414. 7z files you will need additional software to extract. I can't find her head mesh anywhere. VRCA; Tutorial: obj/xps/mesh to rigged model in under 3 mins; xnalara. Noesis XNALara/XPS importer plugin to load XNALara/XPS. The addon can export/import both XPS formats. Post Oct 20, 2015 #1 2015-10-20T20:52. An Addon For Blender To Import/Export XPS/XNALara models. 0 XPS ONLY!!! Featured: Lisa aquamarine swimsuit - model. (I had used an XPS file on Princess Jasmine's Kingdom Hearts 2 model, and I had moved to Jasmine's rendered pose from Kingdom Hearts 2 below, . Usage: Find an XPS file you want to use (deviantart. I have been trying to do this for days with no success. Contribute to AerysBat/XNALara development by creating an account on GitHub. import import_xnalara_model: from. 67; 49 12 6 Added the auto-collider feature. The XPS 17 will be available around the world starting this summer, starting at $1,500 for the base model with a meager 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, a 4-core 10th Gen Intel Core i5-10300H, and. XNALara/XPS has the ability to export to OBJ directly, and gather the textures, so not sure what the benefit if having Blender as an intermediate step is. Alexandra sighed as she looked at her reflection. The Walking Dead TFS Wuzere 45 16 Trout - TWD S2 (XPS) AKandrov 22. I understand completely that most models are from games such as those Batman Arkham models. However, armor models cannot be changed. 10 Recent Deviations Featured: Bella Goth (XNALara model). 83 (current Alpha) -New node group "XPS Shader" is used to export material textures to XPS/XNALara models (No more white models!!!) -NEW XPS 11. 7 download (free, Xnalara realtime posing program play character models tru realtime. Lauch XPS with a "double left mouse click" to the application XNALara_XPS/XNALara XPS. import node_shader_utils: from. Useful links:- johnzero7's XNALaraMesh Addon: https://. And the animation in "XNALara XPS" is a sequence of poses (frames). Mark the option "Save as Generic_Item. Export the XNALara/XPS model for Blender with Modify-->Save GenericItem. OPBW - Marco (Costume 5) XPS/FBX o-DV89-o 14 0 OJ2 - Tsuyu Model Pack XPS Xelandis 92 2 OPBW - Nami (costume 11) XPS/FBX o-DV89-o 41 1 OPBW - Nami (costume 4) XPS/FBX o-DV89-o 42 0 OPBW - Shakky XPS/FBX o-DV89-o 22 0 DSHKC - Rui's Sister for XPS o. coldest place on earth right now charleston radar united states live radar japan satalite clima en cleveland temp lincoln ne charleston doppler radar hunting forecast for tomorrow clima en woodburn oregon temperature today near me mexico satellite. Explore the DOA XNALara XPS Models collection - the favourite images chosen by Dizzle451 on DeviantArt. justanotherbug opened this issue Dec 3, 2014 · 5 comments Comments. Plugins XPS / XNALara Model Loader 3. 3DSMAX Xnalara XPS ImportExport Scripts for 3DS MAX 2010. Quite a lot of optional expressions & effects. import import_xnalara_pose: from. Copy link justanotherbug commented Dec 3, 2014. 4) We no longer accept artwork pertaining to Xnalara. Full uncensored preview pic here or check my Pixiv. 3D xps models for download, files in 3ds, max, c4d, maya. Noesis to XNALara/XPS importer and exporter plugin. Ayano Yandere Chan XNALara XPS Pack. Release name (Download) File size XnaPosingStudio (XPS), also known as XNALara, is a 3D Model Viewing and Posing program, which allows everyone to create amazing Pictures and even frame by frame animations easily and in real-time. Imports and Exports Custom Normals. Owned by SEGA and Crypton Future Media. Thank you for your help! Help! Close. Select it and click "Import XNALara/XPS Model" in the upper right. So true, but XNAaral seemed to managed in getting XNALara from Dusan and made his Own Version, can you imagine if Dusan was the Only Person who made XNALara, XPS would not have existed without all the New fancy stuff. Plugins XPS / XNALara Model Loader 3. Model DL: LoZ Hyrule Warriors Argorok WOLFBLADE111 24 7 Mohg Lord of Blood XPS davoth 42 0 DBK - Dinosaurs LorisC93 40 1 Canis lupus (Assassin's Creed 3) 6500NYA 18 0 Swarm Drones (Gears5) for XPS/XNA Jorn-K-Nightmane 42 2 OPBW - Dragon Number Thirteen XPS/FBX o-DV89-o 19 0. dell xps Laptop stand thingiverse. Downloaded models often come in the package formats. · Toggle between wireframe, shading, texture, and lighting options. mesh file would also be completely useless, because XNALara can only load and display a new model if a new program version of XNALara is developed for support it. Why is the model's hair like this? In XNALara, the model is. Play with XPS/XNALara models in Blender by XCurtainX on. How to Install XPS/XNALara. X na P osing S tudio (XPS), also known as XNALara, is a 3D Model Viewing and Posing program, which allows everyone to create amazing Pictures and even frame by frame animations easily and in real-time. mrforsaken0ne Post your XNALara tutorials here! Moderators: Dazzy, Runa. Go to Options, Make items optional, to add/remove armor parts. Listing Websites about Furry Model Blender Health. Iclone Xnalara Xps Model Import To Iclone Youtube (There are several different models. XNALara XPS Studio program is required. xps XNALara imported models end up with weird extra layer. Static Models can be found/uploaded to the W. Cunihinx is creating XNALara/XPS and Honey Select Models. Import this file to Blender with File-->Import-->MeshAsciiExt. Apr 17, 2016 · Download and extract the model that you would like to create a skin for. Apr 1, 2018 — Most models on DeviantArt are in XNALara formats (. Noesis to XNALara/XPS importer/exporter plugin. The stocking is her signature look so I gave one from Miu FF5, since I'm using Fatal Frame body anyway. I could always put her hair and skin on a different model but. I recommend you to download XNALara XPS, because a few of them are NOT working in regular XNALara. Meiko, Fluffy Coat outfit, from Project Diva F2nd. Animaze by Facerig | Custom Avatars | Create Your own Avatar. Those who Jul 19, 2013 · Use the 'root hips' bone to rotate a XNALara/XPS model. XPS - XNA Model Viewer and 3D posing software based on XNALara, for any 3D character. Extra textures and conversion for XPS/XNALARA by me I'll be updating my old Halo ports with specs and light soon but this guy is all ready to rock. Featured: 'Mass Effect 3LE' Nyreen Kandros 2. hololive alternative wallpaper; low sodium veggie burgers. Avatar models must have their animation type set to Humanoid (default is Generic) in the Rig section of the model import settings in Unity. Saint Seiya Awakening-Atenea04(XPS Model DL) by Vera-White. It supports PMX (MMD) & XNALara/XPS models and VMD motion format. Get the most out of your project with these XPS models. Horror Psychological > The Walking Dead. Or if you want to use XNALara (Version 9. xps files and imported them with XNALara but they keep getting these weird white layers on them? And my friends using the same models didn't get the same problem, so I'm hoping it /can/ be fixed. This works for me: Get the xps/xnalara plug-in for blender, Import the models into blender, Export as an fbx. "switching between orthographic and perspective". aol mail going to archive folder. Now go to File->Import->XNALara/XPS Model (. Blender Toolshelf, an addon for Blender to: Import/Export XPS Models, Poses. The program is free of any charge along with thousands of user provided Content available. 3d 3d model 3dmodel add-on addon blender catwoman dc dc comics import xnalara xps xps tools. Add support for XNALara/XPS Models and MMD MikumikuDance #420. Get the right version for your blender version. XPS only! Please activate both backface culling and always force culling. Allows VAM to import XPS / XNALara models directly into the game. 3MP web camera, built-in EVDO and an nVidia Go 7400 graphics card. r/XNALara: This subreddit is for the 3D Model Viewing and Posing program, XNALara (also known as XPS). Those who Various models from Crisis Core, Dissidia and Type-0 by riccochet Final Fantasy VIII Rinoa's necklace by danniellahill Final Fantasy X Tidus by Runa Final Fantasy XII Al-Cid Margrace by riccochet Al-Cid's Assistant by riccochet Basch fon Ronsenburg by riccochet. After you have loaded the hair file, go to File and select export scene as OBJ. I made this stand for my Dell XPS 15 laptop. mesh) Demonstration: When importing multiple character models, feel free to rename the Armatures to something suitable: Armature. Open the model with XPS [You must be registered and logged in to see this link. The extract result contains a folder called XNALara_XPS\data this is the right place for the data packs. And pose of new model going to ruin. 66803 3d models found related to xnalara. These are all the xnalara xps nude 3d models we have at RenderHub. Post your requests for XNALara models here. Open XNALara/XPS and load the hair file by going to File-Add Model. Requests are open! ——— Check out my AO3, apprepuff, and my art blog on this hellsite, @chili-creates! ——— [ model credits ]. Models Don't Open in XNALara/XPS XNALara. Marvel Spiderman Sam Raimi Pack With Bones XNALara Download. PS: these models have tons of adjuster bones, for optimal results try to use them, especially the elbow/knees ones. Open XML Paper Specification or OpenXPS is an open specification referring to a page description language or fixed-document format. Notes:-Stocking and shoes are removable. XnaPosingStudio (XPS), also known as XNALara, is a 3D Model Viewing and Posing program, which allows everyone to create amazing Pictures and even frame by . ONLY DOWNLOADABLE XNALARA MODELS UPDATE: We are currently working on cleaning the group up. Download or buy, then render or print from the shops or marketplaces. XNALara/XPS models to SFM I have a Problem i have here many XNALara/XPS models but i want this to SFM, to use it. xna in the past and now the present is xps (Xnalara posing studio. timing import timing: import bpy: from mathutils import Vector: from collections import. Find this Pin and more on Blender | Addon by Hing HingHing. These are: Talwyn Apogee from Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (static object already available) Yusei Fudo and. Although we often port models from XNALara/XPS, we only very very vaguely know the requirements of the engine because we have to undo them to get models into SFM. Tutorial/Import XNALara files into Blender. You can find all the info about XPS 11. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite, and share. 4a) Make that, when loading the model, the item "happy. Import XPS/XNALara model by using XPS tools (Blender 2. Huge Thanks to johnzero7 for the script johnzero7 Page link (Update for 2. [XNALara/XPS] Allison Snow (Summer Lesson) Nude Model. ) Would you like to extract Virtua Fighter 5 models from game?. I do this mainly as a hobby, and so I'd appreciate any support you can give through. Navigate to the XPS data folder with the name XNALara_XPS\data. The importer can assign diffuse maps (_diffuse), light maps (_lightmap), NormalTexture (_bump), SpecularTexture (_specular) and EnvTexture (_enviroment), if the model respects the XNALara naming convention for textures. You cannot post new topics in XPS-Fanatic has made a couple of NiCO meshmods with her wearing sexy outfits. This section has no deviations yet! Anime Styled. Song : Song of the ancients - devola & popolaSmall update :script 2. Models Don't Open in XNALara/XPS. Main Features: Imports and Exports XPS/XNALara models with armature. On default there are only a few test meshes with the program so you need to download additional models from the internet. Find an XPS file you want to use (deviantart. Vega from Street Fighter V: Champion Edition ported to XNALara XPS. xps file but nothing happens when i open it. ZIP files can be opened without any additional program but for. Models have renamed bones not all but almost, optional items ect. Both apps, XNALara and XPS, can load. Select the file and click Open to display it in the XPS Viewer. It's probably made for XPS, since that program has a different format. g 1p DragonLord720 68 30 XNALara - Injustice Mobile: Gal Gadot Wonder Woman CapLagRobin 186 34 IGAU - Batman (Arkham City) MrUncleBingo 81 15 'Xuan Yuan Sword EX' Muyue 2 2. Games like Toy Chica (Blender 3D Model) House For Blender. Xps Xnalara Models xps model rig into your blender, then go into the Shader Editor. Before anything else, you must have the Blender XPS addon plugin installed. import export_xnalara_pose: from. ascii files, mainly to be able to use overwatch. You can do this by double clicking on the Armature name in the Outliner Editor. Texture rendering partly transparent in cycles on models. Blender addon Import/Export XPS Models, Poses. Open the XPS document in the viewer. Unpack all your models into the 'data' folder inside the XPS_XNALara one. 9 introduces a new fileformat that supports more than 4 weights per vertex. Bam! And the names of the bones do not match. List of model resource websites. It's where you control every models in momventment for any as you wish see fits in your dream. Xna posing studio; xnalara free download. The current XPS version is the one above. Making stuff in 3D, particularly head mods for Honey Select series games from Illusion. Because Overwatch's storage format doesn't use human-readable names, you should see something like "00000000011F. 3DSMAX Xnalara XPS ImportExport Scripts for 3DS MAX 2010 file. obj and as a XPS model, both show up like this. If you have art using the models you found here, please direct it to for submitting. xps files and imported them with XNALara but they keep getting these weird white layers on them? And my friends using the same models didn't get the same. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. XNAStraightPose A other nice tool are XNAStraightPose [link] :cen: by TRF written by Crid , based on the XNALara source code.